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LUN virtulize, window issue,

Question asked by Thamer Salah on Oct 29, 2015

Hi all,



Windows 2008 SQL Cluster LUNs was virtualized from Axiom Pillar 600 Storage to HDS VSP G800 Storage. After mapping the external Ldev and trying to start the SQL cluster , all databases were inaccessible, although we could access the data and we could read/write to the volume after virtualization.


We revert the Cluster volumes to the old storage (remove virtualization for the LUNs)and it works fine. I have found that the Windows cluster reserved the old unique id for the LUN containing the databases (using diskpart utility).  Is there a work around for this


Kindly note that I  have done the same procedure to another SQL cluster and it worked fine, the LUN is not reserved or locked on HDS box!!