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Configurable RPO and remote replication technologies

Discussion created by Vinod Subramaniam Employee on Dec 2, 2015
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I guess some questions need to be asked regardless of whether you get a answer or not.

It is sort of like throwing a penny in a wishing well. You just throw it in and make a wish and get that good feeling.


I have messed around with Truecopy Async since the 9980 days.

And also with HUR since the USPV or blacklight as it was called was rolled out.


I have always wondered why vendors expect customers to configure a bunch of consistency groups, copy all that data over to the remote

site and then measure the RPO for each consistency group. After all any customer has different levels of importance for each consistency group.


A consistency group that hosts SAP apps is far more critical to the survival of a business as compared to one that hosts batch apps for example.

If the customer has a single 10 Gbps pipe between the sites will not the heavy updates to the batch apps affect the RPO for the SAP apps ?


So why not turn this state of affairs on its head and offer customers a way of configuring RPO time bands per consistency group.


Take the case where HUR has been implemented with more than one consistency group lets say three.

CG1 hosts SAP based customer facing apps..

CG2 hosts Batch apps.

CG3 hosts internal lets say HR data.


Can one configure a time band of 1-5 minutes for CG1, 30-60 minutes for CG2 and 60-120 minutes for CG3 ?

Given that HUR requires MPB's to be dedicated to Journals associated with Consistency groups how difficult is it to dedicate more MPB cycles to CG1, less MPB cycles to CG2 and even less MPB cycles to CG3 ?

I know the challenge is the update rates. If update rates are high then you want to get the data out of the MCU as soon as you can to prevent Journalling and High CWP.

But within every problem lies the seed of opportunity ..............


There goes ............I threw that coin into the wishing well ..........

Maybe there is a Genie in the well ?????