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USP CM/SM path failure

Question asked by Csaba Banhalmi on Nov 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2015 by Csaba Banhalmi

Hi All,


We have an old USP subsystem which is EOSL. Recently the following SIM arrived:

Reference code: 73fe01

Error Section: Processor failure / SVP failure

Error Detail: DKC processor status unviewable and uncontrollable

Error Location: CHA-1E, MP# = 1

Action Code: 4DA00000 LAN ADAPTER     SVP-BASIC


In Maintenance CM/SM path is flashing which shows the following for both clusters:

CM-SM path fail.png


From the Action Code I think SVP need to be replaced but manual doesn't say it for sure. Unfortunately there is a disk failure and disk cannot be replaced since this CM/SM path problem. When we try to replace disk after "DKU Inline is running" the following error appears:



Does anybody has experience what to replace to solve the CM/SM path failure?


ps: after inspecting the LAN connection diagram it seems CSW-1D is the problem, but it's not for sure, SVP can be the problem too.