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Delete capacity from one DP Pool RAID type to add to another DP Pool different RAID type

Question asked by B082X3QA on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by Thamer Salah

I'm sure this is a simple solution.

I have a HUS130 with 2 DP Pools with different RAID levels. One is RAID10 and the other is RAID5.

I just deleted a 2TB volume from RAID10 pool and want to create a new 2TB volume in my RAID5 pool. Issue is that 2TB capacity is still available in my RAID10 pool so I could create a new volume there HOWEVER I only want to create a new volume in my RAID5 pool using this capacity that I just freed up.

Where in HSMN2 do I release this 2TB volume capacity (I already deleted the volume from my RAID10 pool) and release those drives in order to add to my RAID5 pool and create a new 2TB volume as RAID5?

thank you!