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DP vs RG on AMS for virtualization

Question asked by Stephen McQueen on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2016 by Bhaskar Ramashankar

Hi everyone,


I've got an AMS2500 virtualized to a VSP. Currently, There is a DP pool on AMS with SAS RAID1+0. All the disks are in the same pool. The LUNs are created from that pool - all equal size - 4Tb and presented to the VSP. On the VSP all those LUNs form a single pool.


One of my colleagues says such configuration is not ideal and he recommends to destroy the DP pool on the AMS and create many Raid Groups, 4Tb each, then from each RG create a LUN and present those LUNs to the VSP.


What is the best practice? Is it better to have a DP pool for virtualization or is it better to have many RGs equal to LUN sizes?