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Why is the latest backup missing from my hdcp.tgz file?

Question asked by grant lowe on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Jill Ross

Hi All,


I'm new to the Hitachi web site, but not new to Hitachi. I appreciate HDS making this public site available.


Anyway, my problem is this. I have a USP-V array that I want to pull the config out for use by cnfpout. Here's what I've been doing:


Launch SVP

Click on Auto Dump.

In the Select Dump type, I choose Config Backup

Select Removable Disk and use the USB drive that is attached to the internal laptop for the destination folder.

Create a folder name in the Output path drop-down box.

Click OK.

I get prompted for the new folder's name and I say Yes.

The system then generates an hdcp.tgz file. But I find that a backup file for today's date isn't in with the other backups. Why is that? What am I doing wrong?


Any and all  help is appreciated.