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issue with hcs replication manager

Question asked by souhail maleh on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by souhail maleh


I'm using HCS version , i' detected an issue with replication manager last montj specially with ur performance analysis.

the error is:Unable to collect data from Tuning Manager. Verify whether Tuning Manager is monitoring storage systems and refresh replication performance data. (KAIC70011-E)

as recommanded i refreshed many time but i still have the same issue

from the server which installed HCS , i checked the services of tuning manager:

F:\HCS\TuningManager\jp1pc\tools>jpctminfo.exe agtd

PRODUCT  Hitachi Tuning Manager - Agent for RAID

VERSION  8.2.0-01(08-20-01)

        COMPONENT  Collection Manager

        VERSION  8.2.0-01(08-20-01)


F:\HCS\TuningManager\jp1pc\tools>jpcinslist agtd




Any idea what i should to do ,to resolve this issue