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Creating Parity Groups vs Adding capacity directly to DP Pool

Question asked by B082X3QA on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by Dang Luong

We have a HUS130. We just installed a new tray of (24) 600GB drives. I need to create 3 spare drives from this capacity.

Normally I have just added the full capacity of the tray to whatever DP Pool and RAID level we wanted.


Within Device Manager, What is the difference between Creating Parity Groups option versus adding capacity directly to a DP Pool?

does the Creating Parity Groups option and adding the full tray capacity to it allow me to use those drives wherever, as in any pool? if I were to add the full tray capacity via Creating Parity Groups option am I then able to create volumes and assign to ANY DP pool individually?