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Sharing the external ports

Question asked by Rahul Bhat on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by Dang Luong

Hi All,

I got two questions here  :


1. I got to migrate a USPVM with backend AMS system to G1000, now all of the USPVM external ports are being used to connect to AMS and dont have any spare to use them exclusively for G1000.

I would like to know if the external ports used for AMS connection with low throughput could be used for external  connections to G1000 , would this be an issue ? I assume it shouldn't except that the load and performance might degrade but it is a temporary arrangement during migration.


2. Can we externalize the USPVM luns coming from AMS to G1000 which is like externalize the external luns to USPVM , or do we have to migrate them to native USPVM pools before externalizing them to G1000?


Thanks for your help

Best Regards