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GAD global active-device: failback scenario?

Question asked by Steffen Zimmermann on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by Dang Luong

Hello Community!


Just testing GAD these days with different failure scenarios.


Wondered, how to failback, if, e.g., the "primary site" P-VOL is PSUE and the S-VOL is SSWS.

Machines are up and running from the "S-VOL"-site.


The User Guide just said "resynchronize pairs".


I've done it with -swaps from the S-Vol Site (-> now the new P-Vol), after resync, the status is PAIR again -> P-Vol now on the "secondary system".

The same to bring back the original P-Vol to the P-Vol state.


ESX-Hosts are fine, all paths are online again. Unfortunately, Hyper-V-Hosts (WITHOUT HDLM-Driver) crashed with the above method.


Could you help, what is wrong?


Thank you.


kind regards