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GAD not recognizing host

Question asked by Sam Zee on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by Sam Zee

I'm in the process of installing and testing a simple GAD system on a pair of G600s. When I get to the point in the CS8 Wizard of adding the Command Device for the host link attached to the primary array, it doesn't find the host. However, the system shows the host being registered with LDEVs (DP vols), but for some reason, the Wizard doesn't see the host.


I'm running Solaris on Intel. I know the compatibility chart shows Solaris on SPARC, but does it also support Intel, and does the Wizard require HDLM or MPIO in order to recognize the host?


Here is the place in the manual I am talking about.


A command device (CMD) is required on each storage system for

communication between CCI and the storage system. The command device

must be created in resource group 0 in the primary storage system and in the

secondary storage system. After the command devices have been created,

host recognition must be set to the command devices.

Thank you for any guidance you can offer.