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Getting CB2500 520X-B2 and 520H-B3 Hitachi HBA 16Gbps driver (SLES 11 SP3)

Question asked by David Hutagalung Employee on Jan 14, 2016

Dear Team,

I am looking for CB2500 with Blade model 520X-B2 Hitachi HBA 2-port 16Gbps driver for SLES 11 SP3 and I got information it can be obtain from from CB2500 Compute Blade 520X B2.

the driver is htc-hfcldd-kmp-default-

Can help to point me to the link to download...i tried to find but unfortunately still not able to find it.

Also similar lookup for :


From the infor below

CB2500 Compute Blade 520HB3


Kindly help

Thanks in advanced