Andrey Chipalyuk

HNAS vs Samba

Discussion created by Andrey Chipalyuk on Feb 9, 2016



I have a Samba server. On the Samba server I use options:


force group = < certain Unix group>

force user = <certain Unix user>


…all file operations will be performed as the "forced user", no matter what username the client connected as


But I can’t find similar solutions in the HNAS.

I tried to create:


local-password-set TST\tst password

user-mappings-add --nt-name TST\tst --nt-id S-1-81-0


user-mappings-modify --nt-name TST\tst --set-unix-name tst --set-unix-id 1024



In this case I have to use the local account TST\tst:


net use \\hnas-evs\tst password /user:TST\tst


If I create a file, the owner of the file will be TST\tst (over the CIFS) or Unix user with id 1024 (over the NFS).

But in case of the Samba server even if I mount a share with personal account name and create a file, in any case, the owner of the file will be certain Unix user according to force use parameter.


Does anyone know how can I achieve similar solution in the HNAS?

I would like any CIFS user can create a file but owner of created file will be always certain CIFS or Unix user.


Thank you.