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HNAS -Resource SID Compression not working

Question asked by Bart Keys on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by Al Hagopian

We're having an issue with Resource SID compression, I'm wondering if there's any information on how to fix this, or any available workarounds?


H-NAS: 4080

SMU: 12.4.3924.06

H-NAS package: 12.4.3924.14


We’re getting textbook results for the following Microsoft article:

“Resource SID Compression in Windows Server 2012 may cause Authorization problems on devices that do not support Resource SID compression”


EVS-1  has had the “Resolution 1” workaround applied, and does not exhibit the issues.

EVS-2 and EVS-3 (any newer EVS) do not have this workaround applied.


The specific problem we are experiencing here is that Students, when placed into a group hierarchy which should grant access, do not get access when authenticated via Kerberos. 

Staff placed into similar hierarchy ending in the same Domain Local group do get access.


If the same file structure and permissions are implemented on EVS-1, the students DO gain access, so the groups and permissions are effective, just not when Resource SID Compression is active.


The preferred would be for the NAS to properly support Resource SID compression in cross-domain scenarios, (is there some H-NAS workaround to solve this?)

We could deploy the currently applied AD workaround (applied to EVS-1) for all the newer EVS instances, however this makes it difficult to switch back in future, so we would prefer some alternative solution.