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Cache board failure in first CPC fair of VSP G1000??

Question asked by Hyunpyo Jeon on Mar 9, 2016

Dear Expert,


I am wondering the below condition is good or not.


VSP G1000 was configured single VSD pair and single CPC pair in the each DKC that means totally two VSD pairs and two CPC pairs in dual DKC.


In the case of a cache board blocking by maintenance procedure in the first cpc fair of DKC0 while host sends sequential write IO by dd comand in the two path of host server, storage FC port throughput was dramatically reduced 500MB to 10MB in each FC port for almost 19minutes.

At that time, VSD busy rate was below 40%, two Parity group busy rate was also below 30% each.

That two parity group was adapted Full allocation in HDP.


Could you advise me whether the upper case is good condition or not?


Thank you.