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HNAS Object Failover 

11-07-2022 07:21

This Service Template will failover and reverse the replication between an HNAS Source and Target Filesystem.

Current version:

Pre-Requisites for OpsCenter Automator:

Python version > 3.6
HNAS Web Connections Configured for both Source and Target HNAS copied to /usr/local/bin ( can be found on the HNAS firmware ISO under linux32tools)

Pre-Requisites for HNAS :
HNAS REST API set to native
Admin EVS must have an IP Address reachable from the OpsCenter Automator Server

Python libraries required:
Make sure the below libraries are installed, use pip to install/check:


Pre-Requisites for HNAS Filesystems:
Source Filesystem MUST be mounted
Source Filesystem MUST NOT be an Object Target
Target Filesystem MUST be mounted as an Object Replication Target
A reverse Object Replication Policy MUST exist, if one does not exist, do a manual failover first, in order to create a reverse policy.

Setup Information:
Under HNAS WebConnections category, select the Source (aka Prod) and Target (aka DR) HNAS WebConnection.
HNAS WebConnections

Under HNAS Object Replicated Filesystems category, select the Admin EVS IP for the Source and Target and make them hidden.
Select an EVS or EVSs, to lock a user to their EVSs only, and make it hidden.
Select the Filesystems to failover.
Filesystems selection

At each step, a check is done and if a failure was encountered, the filesystem with the error, will be excluded from the remaining steps, but the ones that passed, will continue. Therefore on every successful execution, right-click on the task and select "show details", then select the "result" tab, to see the failover report. This will indicate if a filesystem was successful or failed and at which step it failed.

An error will be printed as below (in the step log), so it should be easy to find and will shed light on why it might have failed.
######## ERROR ######## Reason for Error

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HNAS Object Replication Failover Service Template   546 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 11-07-2022
A service template to automate the failover of object replicated filesystems. This will reverse the replication between a source and target.

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