A 360-degree View of Data Governance and Compliance

By Anand Sagar Rao Vala posted 05-11-2020 22:26


Nobody wants to own a data incident. The cost of complying with regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, and GDPR keep going up. For multinational companies, just knowing where your data is located is challenging. Welcome to world of data governance and compliance.

It's easy to believe that data governance and compliance are difficult and expensive. Maybe you think you need an elaborate organization that polices everyone. Your IT, legal and compliance teams are probably just trying to keep up with changing regulations. And you may not even know where to begin when it comes to the technology required for enforcement. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Adopting a corporate strategy that employs privacy-by-design and bakes data governance right into the day-to-day operations will enable you to meet your regulatory requirements while keeping expenses down and minimizing your liability. With the right people, systems and processes in place, no data protection authority will punish you, even if a data incident does happen.

If done right, data governance can actually produce a positive ROI, realized by cost savings. Consolidating data silos, reducing database licenses, and lowering datacenter and support costs are all direct byproducts of a well-thought-out data governance initiative. And data governance is a huge enabler of digital transformation.

Not only can data governance and compliance reduce expenses, it can actually drive sales. If part of your strategy includes obtaining certifications like ISO-27001 and BS-10012, customers pre-select you because they trust you. You become their preferred supplier.


Hitachi Vantara cares about data governance and they take it seriously. It's why they stay up to date with all the rules and all the tools. Like how to translate regulations into a sustainable business strategy. How it's a global issue, that can never be taken for granted, if you want to stay out of the headlines. And the technologies required to implement them like data discovery, data lakes, data auditing and data catalogs. They would like to share these learnings with you at their free upcoming virtual conference DataOps.NEXT on May 14, 2020.


DataOps.NEXT is a one-day, online event which covers the entire data lifecycle including onboarding and preparation; governance and agility; data fabric optimization; and analytics and machine learning. The event has presentations from 30 industry experts across four different learning tracks.


There will be two sessions on data governance and compliance. Part one is Translate Regulations into Sustainable Business Strategy and part 2 is Your Hidden Opportunities in GDPR and CCPA.


Attendees will not only be able to engage with the speakers with a Q&A after every session, but there are also one-on-one mentoring opportunities with many of the speakers in which attendees can meet with professional services team members, product managers, and pretty much any presenter. Attendees can engage in these one-on-one conversations to talk about thought leadership and how Hitachi sees data management changing.


The event is free. To register for the event, just head on over to this website



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