Earn Points and Badges

Rewarding Interactions

Start Earning Points

Community points are collected by category based on your interactions with the site and participation in challenges. Point categories include Engagement, Contribution, Reputation, and Champion. You can view earned points by category at any time by visiting your profile summary.

  • Engagement points are awarded based on a site activities, these points include Reputation and Contribution points.
  • Contribution points are a subset of Engagement points and are awarded when content is created.
  • Reputation points are a subset of Engagement points and are awarded when content is recommended or marked as best answer.
  • Champion points are awarded when Badge challenges are completed and claimed.

Badge Challenges

Start Earning Badges

Community badges are collected by category based on your participation in select challenges. Badge categories include Customer Advocate, Getting Started, Conversation Starter, Limited Edition, and Membership achievements. You can view detailed descriptions and your earned badges by category at any time by visiting the Achievements section of your profile contributions.

Badge Challenges

Badge Challenges are special activities that reward member participation with exclusive badges and Champion points. It’s important to remember the Hitachi Vantara Community offers multiple one-off "Limited Edition" badge challenges throughout the year that are available for a brief time. These one-off challenges may task you with joining a specific community, using a certain hashtag, or interacting with a new resource. There’s no telling what each new challenge will bring, so check back often!

View Badge Challenges

Which badges can i earn?

All badge challenges are available for registered members to participate in. There are four Customer Advocate badges that require members to become an advocate before completing the associated activities and claiming rewards. If you have questions or need support beginning or claiming a badge challenge, contact us for help.

How to claim badges

To complete a Badge Challenge, follow the challenge instructions, click the challenge’s corresponding “Claim” button, and submit the requested criteria. You will receive a notification email confirming your challenge has been claimed and credited to your Profile with the associated badge and champion points.