Meet Us at Guide Share Europe UK And Learn About Hitachi Vantara Solutions for Mainframes In the IoT Age.

By Hubert Yoshida posted 10-31-2018 00:00


GUIDE SHARE EUROPE is holding their 2018 GSE UK Conferencewhich will take place at Whittlebury Hall on November 5th, 6th and 7th 2018, in Whittlebury, UK. This conference will provide 3 days of intensive education across a broad range of mainframe topics.


GUIDE SHARE EUROPE, GSE for short is a European user group for IBM mainframe hardware and software. Guide was an international user group for IBM, founded in 1956. It grew to be the largest IBM user group until the 1990’s. In 1994 GUIDE in Europe merged with SHARE, another large IBM use group and became GUIDE SHARE Europe. In the US, GUIDE ceased to exist and many of its activities and projects were taken over by SHARE. GSE like Share is primarily focused on IBM Mainframes and has more than 1300 organizations in Europe, which shows that mainframes still have a large presence there. GSE assists its members in exchanging experience and information, assessing developments in information technology, and providing them with opportunities to further develop and influence IBM's product policy.

SHARE is a volunteer-run user group for IBM mainframe computers that was founded in 1955 and is still active today providing, education, professional networking, and industry influence on the direction of mainframe development. SHARE member say that SHARE is not an acronym, it is what they do. SHARE and GUIDE were the precursors of the open source communities that we have today.

The mainframe market is alive and well and may be on the verge of a renaissance in the coming IoT age. We have all seen the staggering projections for 30+ billion new internet connected devices and a global market value of $7.1 trillion by 2020. That is almost 8 times the estimated 4 billion smartphones, tablets, and notebooks connected today. That translates into a staggering amount of additional new transactions and data, which means compute and data access cycles, as well as storage. That many new devices connected to the internet also opens up many more security exposures.

These are areas where the mainframes excel with their unique architecture of central processing units (CPUs) and channel processors that provide an independent data and control path between I/O devices and memory. With z/OS, the mainframe operating system, is a share everything runtime environment that gets work done by dividing it into pieces and giving portions of the job to various system components and subsystems that function independently. Security, scalability, and reliability are the key criterions that differentiate the mainframe; and are the main reasons why mainframes are still in use today especially in high transaction high security environments like core banking. These same capabilities will be required by the backend systems that support IoT.

Hitachi Vantara is one of the few storage vendors that support mainframes with its scalable VSP enterprise systems. Our own Ros Schulman will be presenting two sessions:

Virtual Storage Platform Update - Latest and Greatest: November 5 at 13:00.

In this session Ros will discuss the latest updates to the Hitachi Vantara G1500 and F1500 Storage subsystems. This update will include hardware, software, and solutions as well as options for moving data to the cloud.

Data Resilience and Customer Solutions for the Mainframe in the IoT Age: November 5 at 1530

Ros will discuss effects of the IoT age on mainframes, the importance of data resilience and analytics and Hitachi Vantara IoT solutions available today for mainframe environments, and where we may be headed in the future.

For other sessions, please see the link to this Agenda




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Thank you for reading this blog and taking the time to post your question. I am not aware of any impact that Brexit will have on UK conventions or events. If your question is specific to Guide Share UK, I would refer you to the UK region management team at

In EMEA there are different GSE organizations in each country and they all have their own conferences but mostly smaller than GSE UK which happens to be the largest. There is a GSE region for Austria and Central Europe which you can contact at this link

Brexit will have no impact on Hitachi Vantara customer support in the UK or in any other country.

Hu Yoshida

11-08-2018 16:43

Hi, I just stumbled over a topic while reading this post.

Will the near future Brexit have a effect on UK conventions, events and so on?

Renaming/rebranding? Will some of them move to the EU mainland or to Ireland?

Will the Brexit have a impact on me as a customer in Austria concerning the Hitachi Vantara Support from London?