Object Storage Gets Three Times Faster!

By Hubert Yoshida posted 07-20-2020 19:56


Object stores are the best tool you have to enable the future of data storage and monetize your data. Today the amount of data stored in object stores is about an exabyte, or 1000 petabytes.  Organizations that are looking to become data driven, need centralized data management across their organization, from edge to core to clouds. The need extends beyond their organization to their business partners and customers and across data that lives in public cloud or across multiple public clouds. Organizations need intelligent data to fuel intelligent data operations and analytics which go beyond simple data management and governance activities and into data operations and integrated workflows to tackle tasks such as data prep, cleansing, manipulation, transformation, and curation, to facilitate search, analytics and evolving regulatory compliance. These newer use cases depend on robust metadata and require massive scale and high performance which has been the knock against Object storage compared to file systems and block storage.


Hitachi’s object store, Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), is repeatedly a leader in the IDC MarketScape and Gartner Critical Capabilities reports. It offers industry-leading reliability from a company that has been a staple of the data storage industry for decades. Now, we have transformed HCP into a storage solution for high speed, Tier 1 workloads, while continuing to support traditional applications with economical and massively scalable storage,


High performance allows you to take the workloads of tomorrow, those with staggering velocity, and utilize them immediately with the scale you do not know you need yet. These workloads can be anything from real time log aggregation, to IoT workloads, to transaction logs of high-performance databases. Each of those can also have custom metadata applied, further increasing their value to the organization. Think about gathering all of the logs that would otherwise go to your monitoring environment and keeping the native format for a year or more, reducing the load on the application and drastically lowering your licensing costs, or enhancing transaction records and normalizing the data so it is available for your analytics needs, on-premises or in the public cloud.


This year Hitachi Vantara has made some major enhancements to increase the performance of HCP through the use of all flash object nodes, optimizations in parallel performance, improvements in object read/write software performance, and new high performance midrange E990 and enterprise 5000 series storage systems that are optimized for NVMe. The latest performance enhancement comes with the OEM partnership with the WekaIO. WekaIO provides a fast, efficient, and resilient distributed parallel file system that is cloud native and delivers the performance of all flash arrays, the simplicity of file storage and scalability of the cloud. This newly announced partnership between WekaIO and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) will result in an integrated, best-of-breed solution for accelerating unstructured data management.




These new performance capabilities will deliver almost 3.4 times more throughput over Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) protocol, resulting in lowered costs of up to 34%.

Updated storage nodes also deliver an improvement of three times the read and write performance, while simultaneously enabling three times more capacity in the same rack space as the previous generation. This is especially significant as traditional NAS, primary workloads and cloud-native workloads are transitioning to object storage to meet high-performance requirements.


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