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DataOps - From Hype To Solution

By Madhup Mishra posted 01-20-2020 18:21


In this day and age, with plenty of new technology buzzwords, it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with trends. So how do you separate signal from noise? One way is when the buzzword lands on Gartner's Hype Cycle. If you follow Gartner's Data Management Hype Cycle, you will find buzzwords like DBPaaS, Catalog, Streaming and DataOps. True to their names, they all create a buzz in the market. People focus about how cool they are and often overlook their weaknesses. To demystify “DataOps”, we engaged with Matt Aslett from 451 Research to do a "State of DataOps" survey. We surveyed 300 companies across North America targeting customers with at least 3PB of Data under management and analyzed the data points.

 Hitachi Vantara defines DataOps as:  DataOps is data management for the AI era. It unleashes data’s ultimate potential by automating the processes that enable the right data to get to the right place at the right time—all while ensuring it remains secure and accessible only to authorized employees. That’s no small task when you consider just how much data is being generated today, the growing diversity of this data as well as its ubiquity.

There was a broad industry coverage amongst respondents, including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, tech and government, to name a few.


While there were over 40 questions in the survey, let me highlight the 3 most surprising takeaways for us:


·       DataOps is moving from hype to solution - While we didn't screen for customers’ DataOps awareness, around 97% of respondents already knew the term and a 100% of them were actively pursuing or planning to pursue the methodology.

·       DataOps spending is real - 86% customers are increasing their spend on DataOps projects to over the next 12 months. This means companies with large data lakes see this as a competitive differentiation for their businesses and are spending money to create a DataOps practice. Of course, a lot depends on the results of these projects, but if you don't start, you can't expect to win.

·       It's not just tools, it's an approach - Over 83% customers agreed that their organization has the right tools to manage all its data. However, they all recognized it still takes them days to get insights from raw data using new and existing pipelines. As their customers demand real-time analytics, waiting for days for insights is impacting Net Promotor (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) scores. The point here is that DataOps is much more than just a technology, it’s a practice of bringing together people, process and also technology for agile and automated data management.

Bottom line is if I am an enterprise with petabytes of data in data lakes, I need to figure DataOps out.  Read the full 451 report - DataOps Unlocks the value of Data as a next step.


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