Rock the Data Age at Splunk .conf20

By R J David Burke posted 10-05-2020 22:11


Hitachi Vantara is at Splunk .conf20, this year’s annual Splunk conference. We are excited to be part of this global event that celebrates the Splunk community. Hitachi Vantara offers a complete end-to-end Splunk solution and everyone is welcome to join us at the Hitachi Vantara virtual booth to learn more.

Hitachi is known for its storage systems and has provided solutions to improve cost and utilization of Warm and Cold data for some time now. But the timing of the Splunk .conf20 is particularly exciting because it follows on our September general availability release of Hitachi Analytics Infrastructure Solution for Splunk. This is the latest industry solution from Hitachi that leverages our Unified Compute Platform (UCP) to deliver a powerful and cost effective Splunk analytics solution to customers. Whether you are deploying a new Splunk cluster or expanding an existing Splunk cluster, the Hitachi Analytics Infrastructure Solution for Splunk makes it easy to configure Indexers, Forwarders, and Search Heads in a scalable solution that can match customer requirements.

Hitachi Vantara’s DS120 and DS220 servers provide the power and flexibility for all the node types in a Splunk cluster. These servers are data center rack ready and can be configured with a broad range of Intel Xeon processors to meet customer compute requirements. Indexers can be configured with Xeon platinum rated processors and system memory to handle the workload of indexing and searching high volumes of data. Indexers can also be configured with NVMe, SSD, or SAS drives as needed to provide local storage of hot tier data. Other node types in a Splunk cluster such as Forwarders and Search Heads can be scaled down to match requirements and cost management. Racks, switches and power distribution complete the overall compute solution for a Splunk deployment. Our freely available Hitachi Analytics Infrastructure for Splunk Reference Architecture provides a starting point for configuring Splunk solutions with Hitachi components. Whether you are looking at single site or multi-site clustered deployments, Hitachi’s Splunk solution scales to all deployment patterns and sizes.

With our new Hitachi Analytics Infrastructure Solution for Splunk to address the compute and hot data needs of a Splunk deployment, and Hitachi VSP and HCP further optimizing the hot, warm, and cold data tiers, customers can confidently turn to Hitachi Vantara for an end-to-end solution for their Splunk requirements. 
You are welcome to visit us at the Hitachi Vantara virtual booth for more information and access to additional resources. Visit Splunk .conf20 for more information about the conference and registration. Come Rock the Data Age with us at Splunk .conf20!


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