• Python - CM Rest API Class

    Hi all   Recently I presented on the HIF in Switzerland the CM Rest API to our customers to help them to shift from horcm files to Rest API. The presentation (see below) showed the Rest API on the example of ma...
    Pascal Hubacher
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  • Automating the HDS tasks using the scripts    

    How hard is to script and automate the daily administration tasks like allocations, De-allocations,expanding the pools, Generating the capacity reports etc.. using shell scripting tools? Can anyone please suggest the ...
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  • How does do I add a VSM to the Configuration Manager REST API?

    I am trying to add our VSM to the REST API Configuration?, have already done it with the VSP G800.   InputParameters.json contains { "svpIp": "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx", "serialNumber": "47yyyy", "model": "VSP G800" ...
    Holger Reenberg
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  • Why does ldevs view lie?

    When I query /views/ldevs view, the results are not accurate.  When I query for unassigned LDEVs as described in the HCM REST API Guide, it returns ldevs that have already been consumed.  IN the example belo...
    Kevin McMahon
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  • Automation of HNAS TCP Fibers report

    Hello Guys   I need some suggestion and approach on how to automate a generation of HNAS report for TCP fibers   I have tried to generate through HTnM-jpcrpt (but it is not detecting HNAS agent) And i am ...
    Thrinath Seelam
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  • Given you have the Journal ID, is there a way to find out what LDEVs make up that Journal ID?

    We have over 90 active Consistency Groups (CG).  Each CG has a Primary Journal ID and a Secondary Journal ID.  Is there a way to determine what LDEVs make up each Journal ID?  Also is there a way to det...
    Charles Simpson
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  • HDLM installation can not performed error code=60, 126

    hi i am getting the below error while upgrading HDLM 8.1 to 8.5.1   hdlm installation can not performed error code=60, 126
    Srikanth Sambasivam
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  • ZPR Script

    Does anyone scripted ZPR process? Just interested to automate that in my environment.
    Balasubramani Ramamurthy
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  • Utilizing Hitachi Command Suite REST API for Host Group WWN allocation, LDEV creation, and LUN Mapping: Part 1

    As technology continues to trend towards RESTful API programming, Hitachi Vantara’s Global Services group has utilized Hitachi Command Suite’s Configuration Management for automation tasks.   The goa...
    Jake Larrimore
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  • serialnum filter does not work with HiCommand CLI

    Hello,   I have a couple of AMS2500 on the CommandSuite server. I am trying to filter hosts using serialnum flag. But it's listing all hosts from both arrays. Wondering if there is an easy fix for it   HiC...
    Shyam Hazari
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  • HUS150 - Script to change paths to volumes

    Hello,   I am looking to understand if a script can be created to do the following using the Hitachi :Command Suite CLI   - Based on an existing list of volumes and their associated volume ID's, add a numb...
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  • HDS Array Config Info Script

    Hi Folks,   Is there any way that I can use a script or REST API to generate the configuration report of the HDS arrays, like the one we run from the Storage Navigator?   Thanks, Manu
    Manu Surendran
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  • Setting up laptop for HiCommandcLI

    Hello,   I am trying to set up the configuration for HiCommandCLI on my laptop (running windows 8.1). I have downloaded the zip file for DVMCli and unzipped it. I am having an issue with what I should, or shoul...
    Robert Stout
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  • Getting Started with Perl and the HCS Configuration Manager 8.4.1 Rest API

    Introduction  Hitachi Command Suite 8.4.1 ships with the Configuration Manager REST API. The CM REST API lets you automate common provisioning tasks such as the below   1. Searching for Storage System Inf...
    Vinod Subramaniam
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  • What HDS APIs are available?

    I am investigating the ways for our software to collect Topology and Performance data from HDS.   I need to discover the Topology objects such as Storage Controllers, Disc Arrays and Volumes and the relationship...
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  • How to add or create a list of users in Hitachi Storage Navigator though scripting?

    we have a list of users and i want to add them in Hitachi Storage Navigator tool through scripting.
    ECS Storage
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  • event log via Hitachi CCI

    Any way to receive storage event log ( reporting HW/SW issues) via Hitachi CCI (raidcom etc) primary for  VSP-G storages? I cannot find it in the docu but I would expect this possibility there.   Thanks P...
    Pavel Hampl
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  • Command to find out Host Group Details through command in Device Manager?

    Hi All,   I just started exploring with Device Manager CLI. Is there any way I can get Host Group Details and the number of LUNs allocated to it?   Any one line command can be helpful. I was trying to use...
    Avradeep Bhattacharya
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  • array configuration tracking

    I've been experimenting with a method to track configuration changes on all the HDS arrays. I started with raidcom since our VSP is the main concern but I do have HUS and AMS arrays that come in to play. That seems to...
    Bruce Kirkland
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  • Using HDvM XML API to automate monitoring

    Hi,   I'm trying to write a program to automate day to day monitoring using Hitachi device manager API. currently I can query using DM CLI but it would be much easier if I can directly query from DM server itsel...
    Sajith Rupasinghe
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