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Announcing Hitachi Content Intelligence v1.3

Blog Post created by Michael Pacheco Employee on Apr 16, 2018

Hitachi Content Intelligence delivers a flexible and robust solution framework to provide comprehensive discovery and quick exploration of critical business data and storage operations.


Make smarter decisions with better data and deliver the best information to the right people at the right time.

  • Connect to all of your data for real-time access regardless of its location or format - including on-premises, off-premises, or in the cloud
  • Combine multiple data sources into a single, centralized, and unified search experience
  • Data in context is everything – put data into meaningful form that can be easily consumed
  • Deliver relevant and insightful business information to the right users - wherever they are, whenever they need it


Designed for performance and scalable to meet your needs.

  • Flexible deployment options enable physical, virtual, or hosted instances
  • Dynamically scale performance up to 10,000+ nodes
  • Adopt new data formats, and create custom data connections and processing stages for business integrations and custom applications with a fully-featured software development kit


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What’s new in Hitachi Content Intelligence v1.3


  • Hitachi Content Monitor
  • Simplified navigation of Hitachi Content Intelligence consoles
  • External storage support for Docker Service Containers
  • Increased flexibility with new Workflow Jobs
  • Enhanced data processing actions
  • New and improved data connectors
  • Overall improvements to performance and functionality


Hitachi Content Monitor provides enhanced storage monitoring for Hitachi Content Platform.

  • Centrally monitor HCP G Series and HCP VM storage performance at scale, in near real-time, and for specific time periods
  • Analyze trends to improve capacity planning of resources - such as storage, compute, and networking
  • Customize monitoring of performance metrics that are relevant to business needs
  • Create detailed analytics and graphical visualizations that are easy to understand


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Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is a massively scalable, multi-tiered, multi-tenant, hybrid cloud solution that spans small, mid-sized, and enterprise organizations.  While HCP already provides monitoring capabilities, Hitachi Content Monitor (Content Monitor) is a tightly-integrated, cost-effective add-on that delivers enhanced monitoring and performance visualizations of HCP G Series and HCP VM storage nodes.


Content Monitor’s tight-integration with HCP enables comprehensive insights into HCP performance to enable proactive capacity planning and more timely troubleshooting.  Customizable and pre-built dashboards provide a convenient view of critical HCP events and performance violations.  Receive e-mail and syslog notifications when defined thresholds are exceeded.  Aggregate and visualize multiple HCP performance metrics into a single view, and correlate events with each other to enable deeper insights into HCP behavior.


Content Monitor is quick to install, easy to configure, and simple to use.


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With Content Monitor, a feature of the Hitachi Content Intelligence (Content Intelligence) product, you can monitor multiple HCP clusters in near real-time from a single management console for information on capacity, I/O, utilization, throughput, latency, and more.



Simplified navigation

  • Easily and seamlessly navigate, and automatically authenticate, between Content Intelligence apps (Admin, Search, Monitor) with enhanced toolbar actions 
  • No more need for numerous web browser tabs


External storage support for Docker Service Containers

  • Use external storage with Content Intelligence for more robust data storage features and improved sharing of remote volumes across multiple containers


Increased flexibility with new Workflow Jobs

  • Each Content Intelligence workflow job can now be individually monitored and configured to run on all Content Intelligence instances, a specific subset of instances, or to float across instances to dynamically run wherever resources are available


Enhanced data processing actions

  • Conditionally index processed documents to existing Content Intelligence, Elasticsearch, or Apache Solr indexes
  • New Aggregation calculations for 'Standard Deviation' and 'Variance' of values in fields of data


New and improved Content Intelligence data connectors

  • New connector for performance monitoring of HCP systems
  • New connector for processing HCP syslog events on Apache Kafka queues, and improvements to existing Kafka queue connectors


For more information, join the Hitachi Content Intelligence Community.


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