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Announcing Hitachi Content Intelligence v1.4:  Content Monitor - Part 2 of 6

Blog Post created by Michael Pacheco Employee on Mar 25, 2019

True to the main value of its parent product, Hitachi Content Intelligence, Hitachi Content Monitor’s (Content Monitor) latest Artificial Intelligence features, Forecasting and Anomaly Detection, are powered by new Machine Learning algorithms that make Content Monitor even smarter. With Content Monitor, you can centrally monitor the storage performance of multiple Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) clusters in near real-time and for specific time periods from a single view. With Anomaly Detection, Content Monitor can now also detect abnormal behaviors, based on historical HCP performance, to warn you about potential problems before they occur. Additionally, Content Monitor can now also predict future system needs based on historical performance behaviors with Forecasting.



Forecasting, a Content Monitor feature, analyzes HCP storage consumption behaviors to provide a daily prediction, with a confidence rating, of future storage capacity needs.

Content Monitor - Forecasting - Days Remaining Capacity Confidence.pngContent Monitor - Forecasting - Graph.png


Anomaly Detection

With Anomaly Detection, Content Monitor monitors HCP storage consumption and front-end network traffic patterns and generates notifications when abnormal behaviors are detected.

Content Monitor - Anomaly Detection.png

Import Logs

When you add a new HCP system to Content Monitor, you not only gain the ability to start monitoring it in near real-time, but metrics will continue to be captured for performance insights within specific time periods as well. This new log import feature allows you to import logs from an existing HCP system for visibility to historical performance. This can come in handy - for populating Content Monitor’s performance dashboards with historical information, as well as for troubleshooting and isolating issues.

Content Monitor - Import Historical HCP Logs.png

New Dashboard Visualizations For Objects Serviced By HCP

For even more comprehensive insights into HCP system performance, customizable dashboards provide the ability to monitor the activity of services running on HCP, with interactive and rich visualizations for granular details such as how long the services have been running, and how many objects have been processed.

Content Monitor - Objects Services By HCP.png


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