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Announcing Hitachi Content Intelligence v1.4:  Content Search - Part 4 of 6

Blog Post created by Michael Pacheco Employee on Mar 25, 2019

There are some slick new ways to further customize end-user search experiences and perform maintenance on your indexes, with Filter Queries, Delete Documents By Query, and Index Or Delete actions.


Filter Queries

Filter Queries are new index query settings that allow for further customization of search results. Using Filter Queries, query settings can be configured to additionally limit search results for targeted users.


For example, let’s say several indexed documents have been deleted. While privileged users might need awareness of the deletions and want them reflected in their search results for audit reasons, most users might not want to see those documents in their search results.


In the example below, while the deleted documents are in the index, the standard users group will not see them in their search results, as their queries have been configured to filter out all deleted documents (-HCI_deleted:true).

Content Search - Filter Queries.png

Index Or Delete Action

There are now more choices on how to handle deleted documents in indexes.


Previously, deleted documents were re-indexed with a custom metadata tag, HCI_deleted. When adding an index to a workflow as an output, you now have the option to automatically remove all deleted documents from the index with the new Index Or Delete action.


With this new option, instead of indexing deleted documents, they will be removed from the index.

Content Search - Index Or Delete Action.png

Delete Documents By Query

A new index maintenance option allows you to delete documents in bulk from your index.


For example, let’s say that you wanted to remove a group of unwanted documents from your index. Perhaps, some documents have been deleted from the source and you want the index to reflect that.


The new Delete Documents by Query feature will automatically remove all documents matching your submitted query from the index. This is a very destructive operation that can not be undone. Thus, before using this feature, it is highly recommended to first test with a regular query within Workflow Designer to ensure that only the desired documents are returned.

Content Search - Delete By Query.png



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