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HDS Community Upgrade: Key Changes and New Features Now Available

Blog Post created by Jill Ross Employee on Jun 1, 2016

Hello HDS Community Members!


We are happy to announce that we have upgraded the HDS Community to bring you the latest and greatest tools for community engagement and collaboration! You will see many improvements throughout the site, but we wanted to take a few moments and highlight some of the key features that we think you will be the most excited about and show you some important changes that have occurred in the community.


Take a look around and let us know what you think in the comments below!




Renewed essentials


Where did your inbox go? Where is the handy search box? What is this pencil? Some of your favorite features have upgraded their look and have moved to the upper right navigation.


Find your inbox

Your Inbox has moved from the navigation on the left of the home page to the upper right, next to your avatar. Immediately see how many inbox notifications you have in the upper left corner and click on the red button to get to your inbox -- no matter where you are in the HDS community. When you have read your notifications, the number will simply show as zero with a more subtle grey tone button.


Learn More:

Navigation Updates - What Moved Where?

Inbox: Tips


Pencil in your new content

The Create menu of the past version is now the simple pencil icon.


Learn More:

Creating Content


Searching for search? Magnify your search results

The powerful search tool of the HDS Community can now be found by clicking the magnifying glass icon next to the create pencil. Search results have improved as well! Instead of the vertical dropdown that required you to scroll down to see all results, you now can easily see more results in a horizontal layout. Frequently and Recently Viewed has been replaced with the more practical Suggestions and History tabs.




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Search: Performance and Design

Using the Main Spotlight Search



News you can use


One of the most notable changes in the new version of the HDS Community is the introduction of News, which is the next iteration of your current Activity view. News streams are curated by your community manager and are designed to bring you the most relevant content on the community. You'll notice that the left navigation where you used to see Activity has been eliminated. To get to the same content you used to see under Activity, click on the News tab in the main navigation, then All Activity. If you want to keep this as your default view, click the pin icon to keep this as your "home" view every time you click on News. You can always change this at any time by pinning a different stream.




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Home vs. News

Using News


Custom Streams

You can also create a new stream for yourself! Custom streams are an easy way to keep track of multiple communities you moderate and keep tabs on. Click the "+" icon to create a custom stream of the people, places, and content that matter most to you.




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Creating Custom Streams


Cut out the noise with streamlined content


"I have this question too"

If you find yourself answering the same questions in your area of expertise or see people posting duplicate questions, these are the features for you! You can now add weight to a question by clicking 'I have the same question' on an unanswered question. You can then search open questions and sort by the most 'same' questions tags.


Here's how it appears:



When you click this link, you will then be notified when a correct response is provided.


In the Content menu, you will now see a drop-down option "Sort by most same questions" when viewing open/unanswered questions.


*Note: You won't see this option unless you have filtered down to Discussions, then selected Open questions from the first drop down.



Share content with Places or People

The Share feature has been enhanced to enable you to share content from one place to another, instead of posting content twice in the community or utilizing the @mention feature to cross-post. Your shared content will now show in the Recent Activity stream and under the Content tab. Rather share with an individual, but he's not part of the group? You can also now share singular content with non-members to get help you need without opening up the whole group.



Learn More:

Streamlined Content: Sharing and "Same Question"



New Content type: Videos


Videos are now a separate type of Content (with their own special icon), so instead of seeing videos embedded into a discussion or document, you will now see them as separate media types within content or activity streams.





Mobile-friendly responsive design


Prefer to access the HDS Community through your phone? You now have a cleaner and more intuitive UX to work with on the go! The HDS Community responds to the size of your screen and adjusts to give you:

  • Easier navigation
  • Better user experience in places and groups
  • Extended content type creation
  • View all sorts of new content types (ideas, polls, etc)
  • Search Filters if you need to refine your results




Revised Solution & Product Forums navigation


The secondary fly-out menu under Get Answers --> Solution and Product Forums featuring the complete list of forums is no longer be available. We have updated the home page of Solution and Product Forums to feature the complete list at the top of the page to make them as easy to navigate as possible. You can quickly filter by typing in the first few letters of the sub-space you're looking for, or as always you can type in the first few letters of the space in the search menu to get to any place in the community quickly and easily. The advantage of utilizing search to navigate is that over time, the system will learn your most frequently visited places and you won't even need to type in a query to get to the places you visit most often.


Tabbed Content Navigation EOL


Our tabbed content navigation experience within several Place Overview pages is no longer supported on the new version of the HDS Community. We have replaced this functionality with Recent Activity or Recent Content feeds, which provide a very similar experience.


Tabbed Content Navigation


Recent Content (Discussions only)

recent content.png


The tabbed content on the Solution and Product Forums overview page has been replaced with a Recent Content widget that includes all sub-space content, and features discussions only. This allows us to maintain the view of unanswered questions within all sub-spaces, but will include answered questions as well as open-ended discussions. There is an Unanswered Questions widget available, but it does not display sub-space activity. This widget will be featured within Solution and Product Forums sub-spaces, but not the top level or "lobby" space.



We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the recent changes to the HDS Community. This upgrade will be just the start of improvements coming at a quicker pace! Stay tuned!