James Destro

How IoT and analytics optimize maintenance and repair operations

Blog Post created by James Destro Employee on Aug 3, 2018

Imagine a future where industrial companies rarely face asset outages or where repair rework is a rarity because technicians get the repair accurately diagnosed and fixed the first time. Imagine a future where every symptom and complaint reported is automatically mapped to optimal repair instructions cutting diagnosis times to a fraction … imagine no more, as Hitachi brings this reality to you!


Equipment failures can happen anytime, many times without warning or only trace indicators that are difficult to detect.  Fixing failures routinely takes longer than expected either because parts are unavailable or technicians lack experience to conduct the repair effectively.  Recently, I experienced these challenges when I saw a technician maintaining a failed water heater, continuing to try new solutions after failed fix attempts. Why, I asked?


He came to inspect the heater on the day we found it didn’t supply the expected hot water. He spent one hour for the inspection and went back to order repair parts. A few days later, he struggled repairing the unit with the new parts, as further repair work determined additional parts were required. Eventually, we needed another few days to get hot water after he revisited us again with additional parts.


However, imagine such an equipment outage scenario for a manufacturing plant where equipment up-time is critical to plant operations and meeting production targets. Even if a manufacturing line has redundant machines, an operations manager must reschedule production orders, handle work-in-progress inventory, and communicate changes to production schedules.  This impact due to loss in operation is big and in the worst scenario where there is no spare equipment, the operation stops, impacting customer commitment, loss in revenue, and loss of trust/reputation built over years.


Conventional solutions to optimize maintenance and repair operations have been built for years but with limited success.  Lack of machine sensor data and limited connectivity between operations and maintenance processes have been major hurdles. Today’s start of the art, with big data technologies coupled with powerful machine learning models that infer from historical references, can predict and draw deep insights for the future, driving new solutions with advanced analytics and Internet-of-Things (IoT).  The combination of the vast amounts of sensor data provided by connected machines, maintenance operational data both structured and unstructured, and advanced analytic technologies provide the perfect blend of technologies transforming data to insights to actions through end to end maintenance solutions.


Come join us at NEXT 2018, where Hitachi Vantara will unveil key new solutions that will transform and streamline maintenance and repair activities leveraging IoT and analytics.  Remove your concerns and operational risk of unexpected machine failures. Several demonstrations at NEXT will show you what the future of maintenance and repair will look like, as they are driven by data insights.  Our solutions are comprehensive and transformative; enabling a) transforming from time-based maintenance to predictive maintenance b) generating optimal repair actions through artificial intelligence c) making every technician an expert by leveraging sr. technician knowledge d) leveraging augmented reality (AR) technology to guide technician through complex repairs and much more.


Why Hitachi? Hitachi has built a wealth of experience in both OT and IT capabilities, a key differentiator from competitors.  Hitachi has been a leader in OT for industries like finance, government, manufacturing, power/energy and transportation for over 100 years, providing solutions that have positively impacted cities, industrial operations and businesses at large. Hitachi also has been a leader in IT for over 50 years - bringing IT applications, analytics, content, cloud, and infrastructure solutions to market that have transformed the way enterprises do business. Hitachi has also employed a unique approach to building IoT solutions, one that takes advantage of co-creation with the customer.  Co-creating solutions from design phase to real operation is the only way to realize benefit of data driven solutions.


IoT is the key differentiator for your business and will help you leapfrog your competition just as Industry 3.0 revolution was the game changer decades ago. Visit our exhibition in NEXT 2018, enjoy demonstrations, and envision future of maintenance and repair together!