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Ace the Competition with Hitachi Object Storage by Tim Desai

Blog Post created by Hitachi Vantara Community Blog on Oct 30, 2018


When you have an end goal in sight, you must apply all your skills and experience and combine them effectively and efficiently to earn that one thing. Working as Senior Product Marketing Manager at Hitachi Vantara, and competing as a tennis player have both taught me the importance of recognizing what one must bring to the table in order to elevate my game. Whether it’s playing singles or doubles or working on the Hitachi Content Platform object storage solution, values like focus and drive combined with intelligence from data-based insights are assets to be leveraged for a bigger and brighter solution.

Through working with innovative data storage solutions and exploring new market opportunities, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet with many of our customers and partners who are working on data management projects where business capital is at the center of new products and solutions for our customers.

To that end, it’s an exciting time to watch these partners take the lead in showing customers how to manage and govern their data and draw meaningful and ongoing business insights from the vast flows of their own data. A key challenge is that customers often can’t simply start developing this type of digital transformation strategy from scratch; previously established business processes and requirements must continue to be supported while modern solutions are implemented. Among the most important values delivered by the best object-based storage solutions is future-proofing based on broad flexibility and an adaptive architecture, which provide seamless support for traditional and future requirements and allow customers to grow and transform to keep up with the speed of business.

When an object-based storage solution is most successful, it’s based on a partnership with a supplier who is aligned with client’s needs and has competencies with respect to current and next generation use cases across many vertical markets. Like the relationship between a tennis player and a coach, a pairing where partners are tightly aligned in terms of goals is pivotal to success not just in a single match but in terms of a career. A strong team--whether on or off the court, requires a strong ecosystem of people, with the right tools and skills in terms of technology and strategies, to help ensure that for any challenge there is a path to success. With respect to object storage, there are many challenges for which you can work with your partner to develop an ideal solution. To name a few:

  • Governance and Compliance: Consolidate storage silos on a secure storage platform to address corporate governance and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Archiving: Conserve tier one storage capacity by transferring less frequently accessed data from application storage silos to a storage solution designed for massive scalability.
  • Multicloud Initiatives: Centralize data and then use metadata-based policies to automate secure data placement on the right storage tiers – on premises or across public clouds - to align with business goals.
  • NAS Offload or Replacement: Manage file data growth more efficiently. Move less accessed data to object storage to and to lessen the administrative and cost burdens associated with current data protection processes - or else completely replace traditional NAS storage with a modern object storage solution.
  • Backup Optimization: Replace tape-based storage with cost effective object storage.
  • Data Lakes: Repositories for storing vast amount of raw data, including files, multimedia and IoT data, in their native formats until they are needed
  • Managing Data Growth: Place aggressively accumulating data on a centralized storage solution offering seamless and limitless scale along with management ease.
  • Cloud Application Integration: Leverage native cloud APIs to store application data securely on premises instead of within potentially insecure or less cost-effective public cloud services.
  • Big Data Search and Analytics: Rely on sophisticated search and analytics to derive actionable insights across multiple object-based data sets.

Today’s object storage use cases span traditional and contemporary environments, within and outside the data center. They may be considered rather mundane by today’s standards, like perhaps corporate email archiving. Or, they might trend towards modern IoT use cases like industry-specific sensor related data storage and analytics for various vertical markets, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing. Addressing the specific needs of modern customers often requires the expertise of partners who can seamlessly extend our business to end-users and provide meaningful consultation in the context of their own businesses. We are delighted to be on-boarding these niche organizations as new partners by harnessing their industry knowledge and expertise in technologies that have been integrated with our data storage solutions. So, if you are a partner with vertical or niche expertise – now is a great time to get involved with object storage.

What makes today’s object-based solutions interesting are the outcomes that they deliver. The ideal situation is when you can work with a trusted partner to develop and deploy object storage solutions that tightly align with one or more business goals. You may want to gain visibility and control of your data from across the data center, remote offices and end-user devices to maintain corporate governance. You may want to enable collaboration across your organization and gain insights from your own data that speed time to market for your products and gains you a competitive edge. You may want to significantly reduce costs associated with storage silos, rapidly growing tier one storage, and backups by taking advantage of both private and public cloud benefits. You might want to reduce compliance related data discovery from weeks down to hours. You might be a service provider looking to add new revenue streams by expanding into object storage-based services delivery. Or, you might want to transition from a self-managed storage solution to a pay-as-you-go subscription pricing model at your own pace. In fact, all these outcomes - and more - are possible with a single solution.

Our Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) solution is not just an object storage repository - it’s the foundation for a portfolio of integrated products. The HCP product portfolio is the only solution set in the industry that lets you build your own secure multicloud storage repository using the HCP object store AND an on-premises file sync and share solution with HCP Anywhere, a Cloud or File gateway using HCP Anywhere Edge, and a big data search and analytics solution using Hitachi Content Intelligence. Today, nearly 50% of HCP customers own more than one portfolio product. Based on a uniform look and feel across the portfolio products, a single administrator can manage all these aspects of HCP at petabyte (or even exabyte) scale. By evolving the HCP portfolio according to customer needs, we’re able to address wide ranging customer challenges and use cases that our competition simply can’t match. It’s for this reason, we have over 2,200 customers that span all verticals, including enterprise organizations, service providers, government agencies across the world, and more. The opportunity for our partners is in helping customers begin by solving challenges from a single use case and then eventually leveraging the integrated portfolio products to expand the scope and breadth of the HCP solution to address many more. Indeed, some of our customers use a single HCP portfolio implementation to address as many as 20 or more use cases.

In the case of tennis, when it comes to taking stock of feedback acquired across many racket swings and many matches, data is paramount to driving change. No one is unbeatable; pursuing the path to victory requires insights to know how to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses and to allow you to know where to place serves or groundstrokes to render your opponent unbalanced and unable to leverage his biggest weapons. Insights also guide you towards being able to anticipate where your opponent’s shots are likely to be directed so that you can react faster and more efficiently and effectively. Similarly, in business, using the right technologies and business strategies to derive the best insights allow individuals, communities and organizations to maximize their full capabilities and potential. After all, we simply want to make the most out of our one shot.

For any questions about Hitachi Content Platform, Object Based Storage Solution or Tennis, I hope you will follow me on Twitter and at the Hitachi Community. I look forward to hearing from you!

Tim Desai is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Hitachi Vantara, where he focuses on object storage solutions. His experience includes product marketing, product management, and business development for storage, software, servers, workstations as well as content delivery networks. Prior to joining Hitachi, Tim held senior roles at Dell, EMC, Data General and Digital Equipment Corp as well as several startups.