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Sukrit b Phiboon
If use S10 to keep the object and G10 for metadata So does S10 have deduplication function on it ?
in Object Storage Platform
Christian Richter
Hello Folks, we are using ELK to collect syslogs. The ELK stack is in another subnet - behind a firewall which has a lot of work to do, due to the UDP packages of the syslog. We have up to 5000 UDP packages per second but not yet many customers are using the HCP. The MUI doesn't give any option to switch logging to TCP. So we need to setup a… (Show more)
in Object Storage Platform
Nhat Lam
Click to view contentI have some namespace with Object-Count is 0 but I can not delete them. If I create a new namespace, I can delete it. Do I miss something? Please help. Thanks.
in Object Storage Platform
Dan Pittet
Can anyone help me find out how to revolve this issue? Client would have called support, but does not know the Serial number of the HCP cluster in question.   Here is his statement and question   We have run into a small (hopefully) issue with respect to the local Pre-Class HCP system installed here at Tunney’s.  In short, I have forgotten the… (Show more)
in Object Storage Platform
Sven Weidenmann
Hello   We got an developer looking for a methode, POSIX metadata write and update to do. He wants to do:   Posix     UID       (only read work with: X-HCP-UID) Posix      GID        (only read work with: X-HCP-GID) Posix    Permissions    (no read or write)   According the manuals all is not supported. Is thier an way to do it ?  … (Show more)
in Object Storage Platform
Karthikeyan Sivaraman
I'm trying to use the HCP Data Migrator in Windows 2008 server to migrate/ingest around 500GB of data from SAN.  I'm seeing that the tool is very slow in moving the data across.  In 45mts, only 1GB of data has been moved to the HCP drive.  If I perform the same using ROBOCOPY, around 9GB gets transferred in 30mts.  I have mapped the HCP as a CIFS… (Show more)
in Object Storage Platform
Jim Walker
Our current HCP G10 system uses a G1000 Storage Array (Fiber Connection) for its data storage.  Our Parity Group configuration is RAID6 (6+2) using SAS 10K drives.  Due to available space constraints, we are thinking about purchasing S30 Nodes to be used in place of our SAN storage.  S-Nodes use 10 Gb Ethernet instead of fiber and Erasure Coding… (Show more)
in Object Storage Platform
Govanna Flores
Click to view contentDeciding on a cloud strategy that is right for your business can often be as nebulous as the clouds currently hovering over my office. What we do know for sure is the initial rush to the cloud seems to have corrected itself, in fact, according to ESG research, 41% of organizations currently using IaaS have moved at least one application/workload… (Show more)
in Object Storage Platform
Jean-Francois Monteil
Click to view contentHello,   I am trying to install using  the HCP archive. I followed the quick install guide without success as the  does not work. Screeshot of the configuration of the VM :   Screenshot of my VMWareNetwork Adapter : Configuration oh HCP :   I can ping the VM :   But I cannot access… (Show more)
in Object Storage Platform
Jake Larrimore
All-- Does someone have a sample of C# code to be able to get the etag and sha-256 HCP hash code for an object via the HCP MQE API?   Thanks, Jake Larrimore
in Object Storage Platform
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