Jeff Lundberg

Data Tiering from HCP to the Alibaba Cloud

Blog Post created by Jeff Lundberg Employee on Sep 12, 2018

In a recent survey conducted by Hitachi Vantara and IDC, it was reported that of the 1000 organizations surveyed, over 35% of respondents manage between 1PB to 50PB of unstructured data and nearly 20% manage over 50PB of unstructured data. With roughly 30% of respondents facing data growth from 50%-75%, it’s no wonder customers are investigating methods for longer term retention of that data, such as the use of Object Storage. Object storage enables organizations to store data as unique objects that contain three key attributes:


  1. The actual object or file itself
  2. Metadata that describes the data and what it contains, which can be made up of
    1. Operational Metadata: Date Created, Created by, Last Modified
    2. Custom Metadata (or Application Metadata): Image Resolution, GPS Data, Keywords contained etc.
  3. Policy Information: Retention Policies, Security Policies etc.


As this data grows in size, customers who are looking for longer term retention (over 50% keep data for 5 years or more) are looking to the cloud as a destination to store data that is not regularly accessed or used, but stored because of some sort of data retention policy.


The Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) had the capability to tier data to the cloud since June 2014, be it Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, but with the recent adoption of S3 as a standard protocol to access data, this has opened HCP up to a whole new set of cloud storage targets. Because of HCP’s support of S3, we have been accelerating our compatibility testing with other service providers who also support this standard, and one such example is the Alibaba Cloud service offering in China.



As part of our commitment to continual development and improvement, we are excited that recent testing shows that HCP can successfully tier data off to the Alibaba cloud using S3 protocols, which will give our customers more choices when considering a hybrid or multi-cloud approach to tiering data. This development means that customers will be able to store their critical and most accessed data on their HCP object storage systems within their firewall, and tier infrequently accessed data to the Alibaba cloud for longer term storage.


With HCP, customers will be able to define a bucket in the Alibaba cloud, and configure HCP to target that bucket using a storage component that is S3 compatible. Once configured, administrators will be able to tier the data from HCP to the Alibaba cloud, and recall that data back in to HCP again as required.



Hitachi Vantara is committed to enhancing and refining the experience for enterprises to enable a variety of data solutions using object storage, and with the forthcoming ability to tier to Alibaba cloud, we are enthusiastic about the new choices this opens up for our customers.