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Amol Bhoite
Click to view contentThe importance of achieving continuous business operations for your organization is something most cannot afford to underestimate. This is true even for some test environments. The importance of data backup and recovery, especially when dealing with business-critical database workloads should be taken seriously as data loss can lead to huge… (Show more)
Libo Jiang
Click to view content  Data security is one of the top priorities of enterprise customers. Encrypting data through the use of options such as Oracle TDE, is often a costly process. In this blog, I will discuss how we can protect customer's IT infrastructure investment by improving performance while maintaining data security Hitachi Solution for Databases provides a… (Show more)
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Koji Watanabe
Click to view content1    Introduction For Oracle Databases users, a first step in their quest to find more value in their existing data can be to improve their analytics capability.   Traditional business intelligence (BI) tools to performs well when indexes for frequently used queries are configured in the database. One approach to support more flexible analytics… (Show more)
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Keith Reischl
We are running PDI Spoon version 3.2.0, and are looking to move to Oracle 12.2. Has anyone else had success with that combination?   * I understand we are WAYYY behind but but it is what it is, for now.
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Jigisha Pathak
Click to view contentHitachi Solution for Databases, with XaaS cloud foundation for Oracle Database, powered by Oracle VM and Oracle Linux Validated Configurations provide and application-ready, high performance and resilient cloud platform for easier, faster, and lower-cost deployment of Oracle Database and applications in your enterprise.   Oracle VM and Oracle… (Show more)
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