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nilam mahajana
Hi,   How to pass date range filter to Saiku dashboard from saiku UI, without swithing to mdx mode ( as I have to keep UI for further dashboards modification. How can I update my measure values based on date range passed?
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Michele Cilfone
Hi all, I've two problems in setting up a CDA connection to build report and dashboards. I suspect that both are related to some cache behaviours.   The first problem is that I'm finding a Mondrian Error while executing a MDX query. My MDX query is as follows: WITH SET [~ROWS] AS     {[POD_PDR.supplier].[POD_PDR].Members} SELECT NON EMPTY… (Show more)
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Andy Rathbone
Hi,   I am putting together a dashboard with a 100% stacked bar.  It is a single bar with three categories. My data is quite simple and looks like the below.   Type     Value     ID A          123          1 B          456          2 C          789          3   I can get the chart to display exactly as I want using the below code.  … (Show more)
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Tibor Heja
Hi, I'm trying to set up a CDA datasource for a Filter component with server-side search. The documentation I says: Server-side SearchYou may be interested in delegating to the server the task of filtering the items. To do so, you will need to: write a CDA query that accepts a parameter searchBox and that takes responsability for any filtering… (Show more)
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Tiago Marques
Hi,   I am currently trying to create a dashboard where you can change the language using a parameter (changed via flag icons or url).   From what I have read so far, you have to first set the language in the BA Console or via /Home?locale=<language>, which is not viable when trying to embed dashboards with requireJS, or when the end user simply… (Show more)
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Ekaterina Beskhlebnova
Hi all! I have some questions. Question №1: I have one dashboard, it has several multiple select component, one button and one table component. I need to select an item on the multiple component and press the button, after that the data should be sent through the parameter in the query to the table. But I have some problems showing data from a… (Show more)
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Clifford Grimm
I have data that is obtainable from a KTR running on a Pentaho Server.  It is writing to a Data Service.  KTR is on a schedule to update the Data Service periodically.  In CTools dashboard I have a DATASERVICES Query data source of type "sql over data services". And then use this data service for data in a CDE developed dashboard.  The data does… (Show more)
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