• Digital Transformation for Police and Investigators

    Clearly police have been affected by the rise of digital technologies; mobile phones, dash cams, chat rooms, online gaming and social media just like the rest of us. Digital technology has cut across every aspect of o...
    Eric Silva
    created by Eric Silva
  • We are redoing our archive at NOAA. We want a common metadata db for incoming stream from our probes. I would like to know if the etl tool can output a json template. I will have more questions later on :)

    We want to use pentaho and its tools for managing and administering our archive. We have streaming data from radar, satellite, ground probes... We have air, water, climate and environmental data. We want to define/ext...
    created by RICHARD NATALE
  • Continuous Integration: Lessons Learned from Implementation

    The ConceptWhat is Continuous Integration (CI)? Continuous integration is the process of testing each release of new or changed code in an automated fashion to ensure there are no code regressions. It can be described...
    Noah Schneider
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  • Hitachi Wins Award for Hybrid Cloud Solutions Portfolio

    We’re happy to announce that Hitachi Data Systems is the latest recipient of the 2017 Stratus Award for our private and hybrid cloud solutions framework.  We call this framework the Hitachi Enterprise Cloud...
    Robert Aldrich
    created by Robert Aldrich
  • Is IT a Cost Center or Profit Center?

    When talking to IT Decision makers , they all  need to increase speed and agility as their customers (internal/external)  experience ease and speed of public cloud offerings. So the CTO is forced to develop ...
    Hendrik Wacker
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  • Top reasons why IT projects fail

    In HDS we have identified these facts as the top reasons why IT projects fail: lack of fact based analyses, poor interlock between IT and business, internal politics, unclear expectations… Can you think on any ...
    Chris van der Drift
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  • IT Outsourcing Risks and Dealing with Them

    There is no doubt that IT outsourcing is beneficial, especially for smaller companies that strive to expand fast and branch into new territories without need for tiresome and long process of building in-house infrastr...
    Tyler Newport
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  • Hitachi Cloud Services - with Photobucket

    Several months ago, we announced our partnership with Arrow Electronics for their ArrowSphere Marketplace.  See here for more: Hitachi Cloud Services - with Arrow Electronics.   Meanwhile, our Hitachi Cloud...
    Adam O'Dwyer
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  • Hitachi Connect - Genius Bar "Ask Me Anything" Schedule

    Monday, April 27th at 2:00 pm Genius Bar Meet-up with Mark Stratton: AMA (ask me anything) about Hitachi Cloud Services Monday, April 27th at 3:00 pm Genius Bar Meet-up with Dev Patel: AMA (ask me anything) about Clo...
    Justin Augat
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  • Hitachi Cloud Services - with Arrow Electronics

    Today, Arrow Electronics announced an enhancement to their ArrowSphere Cloud Services Marketplace which includes our Hitachi Cloud Services for Content Archiving.  Arrow solution providers can now offer Hitachi C...
    Adam O'Dwyer
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  • Can Big Data create market opportunities?

    Hi everyone!   Today I was reading this article about #bigdata and the following phrase brought my attention: "49% of the survey respondent think that big data will help them to create new business opportunities...
    Marta Fernandez
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  • What is Cloud?

    "Cloud is not a particular product, but a way of delivering IT services that are consumable on demand, elastic to scale up and down as needed, and follow a pay-for-usage model" That's how "Cloud Storage for dummies"...
    Marta Fernandez
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  • Time to Migrate to Cloud-Ready Infrastructures

    Fast, Secure, Efficient and Nondisruptive migrations.  Find out why you need to migrate to cloud-ready infrastructures!!    If you have any questions ask: Adam O'Dwyer and/or Nitin Nandigama
    Marta Fernandez
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  • What should the client migrate? - Big data vs data migration

    The latest market trends that we have seen are all focusing on Big Data: increasingly data volume, unstructured data, efficiency storage problems, etc. When we go to the client, and after planning and analyzing we se...
    Marta Fernandez
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  • What have you experienced regarding how to reduce costs when migrating?

    As David Merrill explains on his blog, one of the costs that companies face when migrating is the result of the data that is stored and its quality.   He gives two options to do an easy migration, but both need ...
    Marta Fernandez
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  • Drivers and reasons that result in or drive some form of migration

    All of the below reasons result in or drive some form of migration: Embrace new technologies and processes Demand for Business Agility Flexible Consumption Models Flat or Shrinking Budgets  Technology Ref...
    Nitin Nandigama
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  • Can we predict the World Cup winner through Big Data analysis?

    Who would have thought that Spain, the latest World Cup winner, was going to loose 1-5 against Netherlands, the team that Spain won on 2010? Do you think we can predict who will win this year if we analyze Big Data? ...
    Marta Fernandez
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  • Make dinner, order out or go to a nice restaurant . . .?

    In today’s fast-paced, ever changing world, we often try to achieve the ideal work-life balance.  Take, for example, dinner.  We’re all busy, running around getting everything done and all of a s...
    Jeff Hicks
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  • The New IT model - Summary of the Office Hour

    Last week we hosted the first Global Services Office Hour session. Thanks to Justin Augat and Adam O'Dwyer we learned more about Managed Cloud Services from Hitachi Data Systems. Over the years we have seen new trends...
    Marta Fernandez
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  • Big Data and Marketing

    We have seen on this discussion (https://community.hitachivantara.com/thread/4580) that Big Data can make a difference on the corporate strategy.  Meanwhile, Daniel Newman of Forbes makes a few good points in his...
    Adam O'Dwyer
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