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Top Four Fun Facts About Your Enterprise Data Warehouse

Blog Post created by Tony Huynh Employee on Jun 11, 2018

I remember coming home after elementary school each day, turning on the TV (of course!), and getting my recommended daily allowance of Sesame Street. The theme music was calming, and so was the familiar cast of characters I loved – Bert and Ernie, Big Bird, and of course Kermit.  Many of you may share these great memories…


So, what does Sesame Street have to do with an Oracle Enterprise Data Warehouse, and the critical data that is the backbone of any organization? Read on my friend.


With the help of Count Von Count, I’d like to share with you the top four fun facts about your Oracle Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).


  1. As data volume increases, inefficiencies in your enterprise data warehouse (EDW) can prevent you from realizing the full value of your data.
  2. In a typical EDW, 50-70% data is cold or unused - resulting in increased query and back-up times.
  3. Extract-transform-load (ETL) processes consume more compute and storage capacity, leading to higher licensing and management costs.
  4. You can optimize your Oracle EDW by offloading cold data to a more cost effective, NoSQL database.


With Hitachi Solution for Databases – Optimized Enterprise Data Warehouse, we enable you utilize a fully tested and certified solution that offloads cold and unused data to a data lake, based on MongoDB appliance cluster. With this approach, you can reduce costs, deliver faster access to data, and provide better information for decision-making.



We can automatically map data between the Oracle database and MongoDB, speeding the offload operation and removing manual processes by up to 90%. Simple and easy.


Sound interesting?   These reference architectures and solution profile will provide you with more in-depth information.


Hitachi Solution for Databases in an Enterprise Data Warehouse Offload Package for Oracle Database Reference Architecture

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Solution Profile: Hitachi Solution for Databases – Optimized Enterprise Data Warehouse