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Hitachi boldly delivers Public Cloud Flexibility to the Enterprise

Blog Post created by Paul Meehan Employee on Sep 21, 2016

It’s 2001. Dot Dot Dot


Large enterprises are queuing up for Sun Microsystems Starfire systems. EMC and Hitachi are establishing themselves as the dominant vendors in Enterprise-class Storage. For mission-critical Enterprise applications it really has to be UNIX or bust. Either Solaris, OSF or HP-UX, as Linux has not yet been conceived. Microsoft has not established itself to the same degree, but that will change markedly and permanently in the near future. Veritas is a dominant player in the “software defined storage” space. Funny how many colleagues said you could never do things in software that you could do in hardware.


As we fast forward to today, who would have imagined you could use your browser to order a “virtual machine” over the web, that was provisioned in minutes, runs in a place you can’t predict, and is totally decoupled from any server or storage system. And, also that it would be ok to do so!





Consequences of the Shift to Public Cloud

In many ways public cloud has changed the game for the better for a lot of customers. In many other ways, from a performance and availability perspective, it has brought a “just good enough” mentality to IT. No matter how comparisons of Public Cloud to on-premises Enterprise-class systems turn out, it’s an apples and oranges comparison as they are not the same thing.


Public Cloud adoption is partly driven by new software architectures and paradigms. It is partly driven by the need to move away from long-winded buying and delivery cycles. It is partly driven by the demand for resources, yesterday. It’s all of this and more.


The increased Business Risk of Public Cloud





Many customers cannot entertain Public Cloud due to regulation requirements, lack of confidence, and lack of any coherent Service Level Agreements with Cloud providers.


Too much Risk, at least for now, until application architectures and development methodologies catch up to tolerate the inevitable downtime and uncertainty that goes with wide-scale public cloud outages that happen all the time.


Also, no matter how big you are, there is a feeling that you’re never a big enough customer for Amazon, Google or Microsoft to really care. That seems to me to be an accepted paradigm of Public cloud.


Finally there is an alternative

Let’s pose a few questions that might help meet customers who like the inherent flexibility of Public Cloud, but want the security of keeping their CPUs spinning in their own Datacentres:

  • What if there was a pay-per-use model with a simpler rate card than Amazon or Microsoft, for customers to run their own internal cloud
  • What if it was fully-managed by default
    • On a pre-engineered platform
    • based on the industry’s best hardware and software
    • With the flexibility to choose fully-managed, OPEX or CAPEX if required
  • What if it compared favourably to public cloud pricing yet delivered Enterprise-grade availability and performance across single or multi-site?
  • What if it came with baked-in pay-per-use Data Protection, Disaster Recovery and Security options?
  • What if it came with an SLA that was designed for the Enterprise, and provided by the industry’s most trusted, reputable and credible vendors ?


UCP Director with vCloud Suite is a platform running VMware vCloud Suite on top of the industry's most integrated converged platform, Hitachi Unified Compute Platform, as a single SKU, including deployment services.


I wrote about the clear leadership of Unified Compute Platform a year ago and this still remains valid. Read more here


Over the coming weeks you will hear lots more about Hitachi managed cloud offerings, designed to run in YOUR Datacenter:

  • We will offer standard service level agreements for compute, storage, backup, disaster recovery and data protection among other services, based on a simple and clear model.
  • Our UCP-based solution will surface the obvious differentiation that Hitachi Unified Compute Platform has over other vendors to unleash the power of automation to all aspects of you data center. 


Hitachi has taken care of the pre-engineering so you don’t need to worry. We evaluated the capabilities of our platforms and aligned this with VMware configuration limits for vCenter, vRealize Automation, Operations Manager, Log Insight, and Business.


The reason is simple! To ensure SLA’s are met at Day 1 and Day 900, and maintained as your  systems scales.


Meeting the needs of the many





We adhere to the 80:20 rule with this solution. We want to simplify selling, purchasing, deployment, management, expansion, Disaster Recovery, Security, Data Protection and bring a new paradigm to the Data Center. However we appreciate no two customers are the same and understand this is a starting point that can be customised as required for customers.


Consider UCP with vCloud Suite as your gateway to pay-per-use, on-demand service, leading to a hybrid cloud model.


Come talk to us at VMworld in Barcelona from October 18th to 20th. My colleague Vere Perry has the details here: Visit Hitachi Data Systems at VMworld 2016 in Barcelona


Myself and my EMEA colleagues Valentin Hamburger and Rob Jones have been heavily involved in it's development and can take you on a deep dive of technical and commercial features of this game-changing solution.