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What is Hitachi Streaming Data Platform (HSDP)?


HSDP is an enterprise class high performance software platform for continuously processing, analyzing and getting insights from data streams on the edges, center and anywhere in-between.The following link provides a detailed introduction into HSDP.

HSDP Detailed Introduction


What is the value of using HSDP ?


HSDP enables decision making “anywhere and now”  (a.k.a geo-distributed insights) which enables building applications that can greatly enhance efficiencies, reduce costs and develop newer business models. HSDP enables insights such as Trends, Anomalies, Correlations, and Outliers to be captured anywhere on the solution network enabling real-time and decentralized decision making.

The following link provides the value of geo-distributed insights.

Value of Geo-distributed insights


Where does HSDP fit in solution stack when building geo-distributed applications or IoT applications.


The following links provides the positioning and fit of HSDP in an IoT application stack.

HSDP Positioning and Fit

Edge Analytics - Role of HSDP

Also check out the HSDP IoT Solution web page


Where does HSDP fit in solution stack when building IT applications

Check out the HSDP IT solutions web page

What are some of the use cases where HSDP is used ?

Several vertical specific solutions are built using HSDP.  The following links provide the various categories where HSDP was used to realize vertical specific requirements.



Where can I learn about HSDP architecture, product feature in detail?


It is highly recommended to complete reading the presentation mentioned in the above points as this will give you a good high level idea of where you can use it. The following link provides detailed description of HSDP features and its usage. Use this document along with the hands on tutorials for a better understanding of the product.


HSDP - Detailed Product Usage and Feature Description


Does HSDP provide predictive analytics capability ?

Yes it does, by integrating with Pentaho (Weka) you can deploy predictive models (written in Java, R, Python) on to HSDP and perform predictive analytics on streaming data.

Check out the following link

HSDP - Predictive analytics solution


What are some of the collaterals for hand on learning ?

HSDP Demos

The following HSDP demos are created to illustrate a representative sample use cases for IT, IoT and Predictive analytics solutions.

HSDP Hands-on Tutorials

Extensive HSDP hands on tutorials are created for aiding the adoption of HSDP.  The tutorials are designed to illustrate HSDP features using sample scenarios. You can also use the provided code, adapters and extensions to jump start your project.


You can consume the tutorials and try HSDP in several different ways:

  • HDS Global Demonstration and Learning Lab (GDLL) -  All you need to do is login into this environment and try the hand on tutorials.  The GDLL labs for HSDP are well-suited for short-term learning and demonstrations.  Reach out to Ananth.tiru@hds.com or your local sales representative to get access to online HSDP hands on tutorials.
  • HSDP Developer Sandbox Lab -  You can get access to an HSDP Developer Sandbox Lab in the Hitachi Cloud and try out the tutorials.  In contrast to the GDLL, this sandbox environment is meant to be used for more extensive testing and development and can be made available for 30-days or more.  Reach out to Jeff Maaks jeff.maaks@hds.com or Ananth Tiru ananth.tiru@hds.com to get an account.
  • Your environment - Your can get access to HSDP and install it in your environment (laptop, on-premises, public cloud e.g. Amazon EC2) and try out the tutorials.  Reach out to local sales representative or Ananth Tiru ananth.tiru@hds.com to get a copy of HSDP.  You can install HSDP on your local machine, docker container, VM, or in public cloud (e.g. Amazon).  Please refer to the installation guide for installing HSDP in your desired environment - HSDP Installation Guide.  The installation process should be completed in less than 2-3 minutes.


Tutorial contents are always growing so check out the HSDP Developer network to find new ones.  If you'd like us to build a specific tutorial or how-to please send us your sample scenario and we will show you how to do it!


A description of the currently available hands-on tutorials can be found here.


Individual tutorial guides:


What is required to run HSDP ?

HSDP requires Linux OS

  • RHEL 6.4, 6.5, 6.6
  • SUSE 11 SP2, SP3


Can I run HSDP in a VM or in Docker Containers ?

Yes, check out the following link for setting up HSDP on Docker:

HSDP on Docker


Check out the following link for installing HSDP in a virtual machine:



What is the recommended process to work with HSDP ?

There are two distinct phases when working with HSDP – Development and Deployment phases:

  • During Development phase you will develop the application using HSDP, test the application and package the application.
  • During Deployment phase you will deploy the application developed using HSDP on your solution network.


Where can I do the development using HSDP ?

As mentioned above all you need is Linux OS – You can develop on Linux workstation, Laptop (Windows or Mac) using VM or Docker, or using the HSDP Developer Sandbox.


Where can I deploy the solution built using HSDP ?

HSDP enables you build a highly distributed application as such the deployment of HSDP depends upon your specific scenario. The basic requirement for HSDP is it requires Linux OS to run if this is satisfied then you can deploy HSDP on that machine/device/gateway.


What is the licensing and pricing model of HSDP ?

Development License

After trying out HSDP, customers can purchase HSDP Development License to build applications. The license is subscription term based on number of developers using the product.  A development license is meant for someone who is responsible for building the application, and can include customers, GSI’s, ISVs, etc.


Production License

After building the application, customers can purchase an HSDP Production License when they're ready to deploy their application. The license is subscription term based on total amount of data processed by HSDP across the distributed solution network.  A production license is meant for someone who uses an application that includes HSDP.  This is typically the end-customer who wrote the application (or has the application built with a partner) and that is now deploying it into production.


For pricing, please contact your local sales representative.

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