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Volf Milan posted 07-08-2024 08:44

I need to change IP addresses of VSP G350 and G370 to different IP Subnet (SVP and Controllers).

Storages a managed by Administrator and configured in Analytics.

Please, let me know any idea, how to make changes in Administrator an Analyzer.

Is another way then:

  • Delete Storage in Administrator
  • Make Storage IP changes
  • Add Storage in Administrator with new IP addresses

Is there any way how to chain old history and new history (with new IPs) in Analyzer?

I cannot find any way in Documentation and Knowledgebase.

Thank you,


William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen's profile image
William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen Best Answer

Hello Volf. 

Easiest would just be to:

  • Change the IP on the storage array via embedded IP. The SVP would probably need to change the IP in the SVP and then re-register the array in SN2.
  • Administrator:
    Delete the old storage array, register it with the new IP. It will auto detect the servers objects on the 'new' array. 
  • Analyzer
    From an Analyzer perspective you shouldn't need to change anything, it would most likely be that you just need to update the probe, which should keep all your historic data. You can do this with the following commands:
  1. List the current instances, to see which one you need to update:
    [root@oc-probe-emea-dc2 tools]# /opt/jp1pc/tools/jpcinslist agtd
  2. Run the setup command and let it know what instance you want to update:
    [root@oc-probe-emea-dc2 tools]# /opt/jp1pc/tools/jpcinssetup agtd -inst E1090-745465-DC2
    KAVE05912-Q The instance environment already exists. Do you want to update? (Y/N)Y

    This will ensure that the probe keeps the same ID it should all stay from pre-to-post historic data. Since the probe instance doesn't change, just the configuration of the system. 
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Volf Milan

Hi William,

thank you for very quick response.

Yes. I know the procedure how to change addresses of SVP and Controllers.


It's a good hint to use auto detect the servers. It is option to scan Host Groups for selected storages in section Servers in Administrator.

Analyzer Probe:

I know those commands for instances from opt/jp1pc/tools

It's a good idea to make it as Instance Update.

Thank you very much,


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William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen

Hello Volf

You can 'scan' the Host groups of a storage array here(in red) under servers: