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Shadow Image config

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There is a SI setup I am working on which already has horcm0 and horcm1 files configured and the setup is working fine.
There is a new set of LUNs which needs to have SI configured. I need suggestions to understand the following:
1) Should I create new set of horcm files as horcm2 and horcm3 or should I create a new group in the existing files and add the LDEV info to that group?
2) If I am to create new files, horcm2 and horcm3, where am I supposed to save these files, i.e. the location. CCI/HORCM is installed on a windows machine.
3) For SI to work is it necessary that the SVOL's are mapped to a host group on the array?

The setup is for a AMS2x00 array.

Thanks in advance.