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elsa santos
Hello!   I have a dashbord-template with a header, nav-bar, {content} and footer. This content calls an .xcdf file by clicking on an item in the nav-bar. The problem is that every time I click on a nav-bar item, instead of just changing the content, it renders all the template.   If I use the same style of the template in the xcdf file
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Sebastian Lechner
When I start PDI on Mac HighSierra from the console I get an error message: "org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Exported package names cannot be zero length."   A detailed log can be found on this Jira ticket: [PDI-16887] PDI Start up error - Pentaho Platform Tracking from somebody else who had the same issue. The ticket was closed stating
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Sivapriya Sivaprakasam
Hi Team,   If we need to utilize PDI tool in order to enable Receiving data, Transforming data and moving to a different database whether it is open source of the client or we should enable community or enterprise licenses for the same?   Whether PDI can run the transformations in a stream (real time) instead of scheduling it as job?