The Qorus Solution

By Alison Tazelaar posted 04-02-2020 14:05


All good salespeople know that when you speak to customers, you have to know what you’re talking about. It is imperative to have compelling and up to date content about Hitachi solutions and services to educate customers. Whether responding to a question or enticing the customer, Qorus can help.

Qorus is a content and proposal management tool and is a part of the Digital Selling Platform product launch, along with Klue and Resource Center in SalesForce. Through Qorus, sales and pre-sales teams can utilize solution-centric templates, respond to proposals, and create meaningful communications to share with your customers.

We spoke with sales leadership and identified some key issues when it comes to finding content: 

  • Users can’t find the information they’re looking for
  • They’ll find multiple, different answers to the same question with no indication of what’s current or correct
  • It’s unclear who can help respond

Overall, they are spending way too much time trying to resolve each of these issues, and time is money. We’ve found that a single search can take up to 30 minutes.
The Strategic Bid Management team understands that this is too much time to spend on a search. We have implemented a tool that allows you to search a single source for response-ready information to share with your customers, allowing you to focus your time where it is most productive. As of mid-March, we’ve saved Qorus users 11,000 hours.

How Qorus meets your needs:

What next?

Take the MindTickle training! In order to access this tool, you must complete the training and be granted a Qorus license. Get your Qorus license and start churning out high quality emails, proposals, and bids in a fraction of the time.


We are adding new content every day and are always accepting suggestions.
If you have a piece of content that you have used more than once, send it our way!
We’ll host and maintain it for you. The more content we add, the more effective Qorus will be.

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