Collaboration in Qorus

By Alison Tazelaar posted 05-06-2020 12:29


Collaboration in Qorus

Just like our own kaitakusha seishin (or, pioneering spirit), Qorus continues to lead the charge with intelligent collaboration amongst team members.

While Qorus’ main functionality is to act as a searchable and user friendly repository of proposal ready content, one of the most helpful features in Qorus is the ability to collaborate with your team.

Comparison of Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration Roles

There are two types of roles, standard and guest. All sales and pre-sales users will a need standard license for complete use of the tool. However, if you need help from someone like an SME, you can give them an assignment which automatically grants Guest access. Guests can only to view and edit the document on which you assigned them a task. Guest users can have 5 tasks at a time.

Assigning Tasks to Team Members

All you need to do to assign a task, whether to a guest or to a standard user, is to click “assign” in the Qorus panel. Selecting “Assign” will open a new panel that will allow you to create assignments, see your “to do”, any assignments you’ve created, and how many users you’ve worked with on different assignments.

Benefits of Collaborating in Qorus

  • More than one person can work in the same document at a time (co-authoring)
  • More than one person can create assignments in a document
  • Requiring a fast response, you can assign to multiple SME’s and once actioned it will be removed from the to-do lists from the other’s assigned
  • Assignment owners and recipients can track their “to do” list in the Qorus panel
  • The management of assignments and review process allows users to set deadlines, assign specific sections of a document, and follow up on tasks

Helpful Tip

Open documents in the desktop app for best user experience. 

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