Templates and Smart Fields

By Alison Tazelaar posted 07-14-2020 13:45


Templates and Smart Fields

One of the most helpful Qorus features is the ability to utilize smart fields to personalize a standard template. This personalization will make your proposal stand out to customers because the personalization of information is where it matters.

Start by opening a blank word document and sign into the Qorus plugin using your Hitachi Vantara credentials. Use the search function to select your template. The templates are broken out by solution and you can add geo specific support and training areas if the document requires. As an example, here is the Everflex proactive proposal that is coming soon. When you opt to create this document, a number of fields will open in a new window for you to fill out and personalize your document. 

Once you’ve selected the solution, you want to click “create” and complete the form that pops up.

These smart fields each have explanations for the variable they represent and walk you through the process of completion. The variables will populate in the document based on your personalization and is a ready made document for your use.

As you can see by the highlighted sections, we were able to personalize this cover letter for our customer contact and provide meaningful insight to make our solution top of mind.

If you have any additional suggestions for templates that you use often let us know! We’re happy to implement changes and edits based on suggestions from our users. Please check out our Everflex video in MindTickle, it will be available Monday, July 20th!

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