Content Suggestions in Qorus

By Alison Tazelaar posted 08-05-2020 13:55


Content Suggestions in Qorus

One of the many benefits of using Qorus is that you can help expand the repository of responses based on your needs. If you don’t come up with a search result, you can request that the content be added to Qorus for future searches. This can be done by directly emailing the request to the Qorus inbox or by using the email template located under the Home à Campaign à  “Can’t find what you’re looking for?” section.

Completing the form information to help our content managers ensure the content is easily searchable and regularly updated. If the content is related to an RFx you just completed and want to ensure the generic questions and answers are available for future use, please include the completed RFx.

This will help the content managers to ensure the information is uploaded to the correct section of Qorus. Other helpful information from relevant Subject Matter Experts (SME) is

  • Validation period: 3, 6, or 12 months
  • Backup SME
  • Tags

The validation period helps us to set a schedule for review of the content by a subject matter expert. The backup SME can help to validate the information or answer further questions if the SME is out of the office or otherwise unavailable. Tagging the information helps with other searches, for example, searching using the tag Policy may turn up a number of results, and the individual searching for relevant HV policy can search through or set up a filter on all of our documents related to policy without having to know each policy by name.

Happy searching!

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We are adding new content every day and are always accepting suggestions.
If you have a piece of content that you have used more than once, send it our way!
We’ll host and maintain it for you.

The more content we add, the more effective Qorus will be.

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