Qorus in Outlook

By Alison Tazelaar posted 09-02-2020 15:44


Qorus in Outlook

So far, Qorus has been marketed as a self-serve RFP tool. While that is its main function, there are some additional capabilities that are too helpful to not mention! As a sales person, you likely write A LOT of emails. Instead of having to save sales info from marketing, you can save your favorite content and descriptions of solutions and services for your customers. We also have a number of question/answer pairs that can help you be responsive to your customers questions. For example, if you wanted to include information about the types of training we offer, you can use the search function to search the keyword “training”.

As you can see, the corporate folder alone has 124 results (look to the breadcrumb). You can go into the training folder and search, or further refine your results with search filters. Once you find the information you’re looking for, you can use the insert function to add it to the body of your email.

At this point, you can personalize the email by adding customer contact names, reference a previous conversation, or remove unnecessary information. Remember, if you don’t want this content in the body of your email, you can include it as an attachment as well.

If you use this document regularly, remember to select it as a favorite and you can access it more quickly from the Qorus panel home screen going forwards.

What next?

Take the MindTickle training! In order to access this tool, you must have a Qorus license. Get your Qorus license and start churning out high-quality emails, proposals, and bids in a fraction of the time.
We are adding new content every day and are always accepting suggestions.
If you have a piece of content that you have used more than once, send it our way!
We’ll host and maintain it for you.

The more content we add, the more effective Qorus will be.

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