Qorus SMEs - Who are they and what do they do?

By Alison Tazelaar posted 10-07-2020 15:52


Who are Qorus SMEs

Qorus SMEs are subject matter experts who have agreed to help the Qorus team keep our database up to date. To do so, our team of SMEs:
  1. Approve documents before uploading to QorusApproval ensures the content we are adding to Qorus is correct and can use for any customer.
  2. Re-approve or make updates to documents on a set timelineRe-approval keeps our documents relevant and ready for use.
Part of the process is identifying how long the information is valid. For example, if re-approval is 12 months, an automated email requesting a review or update is sent to each SME before the deadline.

The SME’s responsibility is to review their documents and either update the information to be correct or approve it for another 12 months if there are no changes.

It is crucial that the documents are reviewed on time and with great care. The goal of Qorus is to automate questions asked in proposals for sales use. The result of automation is time saved for SMEs and sales teams providing consistent messaging from Hitachi Vantara. From the time SMEs receive the first automated email asking for a review, there will be three weeks to make any changes so that Qorus can approve the document for the next 12 months. The goal is that Content Managers can keep a library of updated information for sales to access as needed and only involve the SME’s when it comes time to update or review; instead of each time the question is posed.

  • Saved time for Sales and SME with automation
  • Verify documents through updates or approval of current content
  • Consistent messaging and language

What next?

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