Hitachi and Qorus: Essential Tips and Tricks for Effective Sales Proposals

By Alison Tazelaar posted 11-11-2020 20:27


Hitachi and Qorus: Essential Tips and Tricks for Effective Sales Proposals

Sales proposals are the core of our business outreach and essential contact we have with our potential customers. Implementing Qorus and building out the library has been a significant part of our work over the last year, and we’re learning more every day. Qorus specializes in providing tools for professional sales proposals, and now they’ve shared some tips in their blog about what they believe is part of an effective sales proposal. We were inspired by their list and wanted to share our own. Read Qorus’ Essential Tips for Effective Sales Proposals for their list!
The Strategic Bid Management team, led by Graham Rotelli, offers support for sales pursuits, RFx’s, bids, and service/corporate audits for clients. Their collective experience in both complex bids and standard bids spans decades, and they’ve shared their essential proposal tips with us as well.

Hitachi Vantara’s Essential Tips for Effective Sales Proposals

  1. Visually appealing and professional
When writing a proposal, our goal is that even without our logo, customers know it’s from Hitachi Vantara. The level of professionalism, the organization of key information, the parallels drawn between their needs and our offering, and the look and feel of tables, diagrams, and branding should all tell customers that it’s a Hitachi Vantara proposal. Using Qorus makes this even easier for Hitachi Vantara sales teams because our templates ensure brand consistency
  1. Compelling and custom content
The Strategic Bid Management team has created a Bid Response Toolkit to help Sales teams who need a nudge in the right (write?) direction. The Bid Response Toolkit contains outlines to work as a starting point for a cover letter and executive summary to touch on the proposal’s critical issues and catch the customer’s attention. A good solution doesn’t mean much if the customer doesn’t understand how it relates to their specific needs. Graham says that this toolkit has been extremely helpful with the sales teams and has published this toolkit to Qorus so it can be accessed at any time. Look for the new documents in the Toolkit section under Templates.

There are many aspects to a good proposal, there are hundreds of blogs sharing their ideas. These are what our team’s focus has been and what we’ve found yields results. However, you’re the experts, you do this every day; what are your tips and tricks? Share in the comments below or on our Yammer page.

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