CoE Xaas offerings

By Bernard Gugelot posted 10-21-2019 15:05


XaaS Offerings​

The Center of Excellence offers support which includes Demo`s and or PoC`s 

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Grow your accounts and gain new customers with innovative as-a-service solutions. Help your customers lay the foundation for the future with enterprise solutions built for business-outcome, with pre-engineered architectures and data-driven insights. ​​

Smart Data Center (SDC) is driving a quantum shift in proactive data center operations management. Leveraging analytics, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), this as-a-service solution delivers actionable insights that enable data-driven decision-making. With a holistic approach to managing IT infrastructure, IoT and facility resources, SDC reduces risk and costs, enhances customer experience, improves operational efficiency and agility – all while delivering increased services performance.

Service Health Dashboard: A single dashboard with key metrics enables senior leadership to easily understand data center storage health and performance.

  • ​Pre-built dashboard with key metrics that is customizable to customer-specific needs

  • Real-time visibility into key service delivery metrics with drill-down and future trend analysis

  • Global visibility and insights into service performance KPIs​

Capacity Management: A global ove​rview for storage, compute and fabric of available capacity and utilization levels with actionable insights: service, application, business unit aware insights.

  • Global visibility of deployed and utilized, and/or unallocated capacity across vendors for full IT stack across data centers

  • Historical usage analytics and trends, predictive insights (forecast) and prescriptive recommendations for remediation of risk or planning

  • Dynamic filtering and analytics on storage, fabric and VM usage and growth, categorized based on global, country, city, data center, business unit, technology, vendor, device and tier/pool

Performance Management: A global overview of asset performance trends for storage, compute and fabric with actionable insights and automated issue resolution based on artificial intelligence.

  • Predictive and prescriptive insights on performance issues that enables detection and proactive pre-failure intervention for risk mitigation

  • Near real-time root-cause analysis in one place to determine cause of failure

  • Near real-time performance metrics for balancing application workloads

Financial Management: Global breakdown of data center costs for heterogeneous data center environments by software and hardware with predictive and actionable insights, includes service, application and business unit aware insights.

  • Predictive forecasting of key cost drivers, for example, compute, network and storage, to enable advanced financial planning

  • Chargeback and/or showback insights by business unit for more granular financial transparency

  • Dynamic views of costs with future trends, categorized based on global, country, city, data center, department, etc.

Analytics-driven Automation: Provides the ability to autonomously and preemptively detect data center issues and orchestrate corrective actions using automation.

  • An autonomous and self-healing data center with the ability to proactively monitor itself with reduced human intervention

  • Automated adjustment of server, storage and network resources for optimization

  • A customizable platform for existing workflows, and adding and extending new automation workflows

Cooling Optimization: Global data center cooling optimization and energy efficiency and environmental data analytics, for example, temperature and humidity, with AI-driven insights and machine learning-based, self-healing capabilities. Dynamically optimizes cooling output that correlates with IT load, in real time, at every rack across the data center.

  • Measure heat load in the data center and cooling equipment efficiency

  • Determine cooling airflow influence

  • Predict how to optimize cooling

  • Eliminate hotspots and overcooling with dynamic control cooling equipment

  • Learn the effects of control actions