Live from NEXT and Studio NEXT - Customer Sessions and Interviews

By Cara Chaffey posted 12-04-2019 15:06

Missed NEXT 2019?  Want to hear from Hitachi customers?   See our live sessions and interviews at NEXT.

Studio NEXT

Migrating to Cloud with Community Brands  

Ericsson and Hitachi: A Vision for the Future of Manufacturing

IoT on Your Dinner Plate: How Maple Leaf Foods Modernized Its Consumer Packaged Food Production Facility (for more, see full session below)

Safer Food: How Cutting Edge Technologies are Improving Safety at Maple Leaf Foods

Moving Telco Forward: How KPN Data Services Hubs Facilitate a Secure, Smart Future

Rainforests Forever! Preserving One of the World's Greatest Resources

Salford NHS with Hitachi Consulting

Live Data! Klarrio Brings Advanced Analytics Streaming to Your Desktop  

SVA and Hitachi: Delivering Comprehensive Solutions for German Military Hospitals

Taking you to Cloud  - Flexential

Recording of live sessions

Transform Your Customer Experience Program with DataDriven Insights (DOA).  (starts 3 mins in) – BT (Telecom)

Scale Analytics and Innovation With Data Governance – BT (Telecom)

New Sources of Insight: Shining a light on unstructured “Dark Data”  UCLH (Healthcare)

Customer Panel: DataOps Advantages and Best Practices - Flexential, Spokeo, University College London Hospitals (UCLH) National Health Service (NHS) –

Customer Panel: Create Sustainable Growth With Innovation – BHFS, Rabobank, Marshfield Clinic

Rabobank Drives IT With Automated Private Cloud

Create Agility and Lead the Market with Rabobank

Customer Panel: Simplify Operations and Get the Most Out of HCI - Fidelity Bank, Axis Securities, ViON

Financial Services: Get Competitive Advantage With Data Privacy with RaiffeisenBank OO –

Hitachi Rail - Find Multi-Industry Insights in Rail’s Predictive Maintenance –

Get Your Competitive Edge With New Innovations in AI, ML, 5G and More – Precision drilling, Logan aluminium, Ericsson –

Driving Scientific Discovery Using Big Data In The Cloud To Accelerate Social Innovation -  American Heart Association –

MultiCloud Strategy - Expert Tips For Executing Your Multicloud Strategy – Flexential, ThinkOn, Revera, CBTS-

Harness the Full Potential of IT Investments by Accelerating Automation – Conagra, Cognizant…

IoT Digital Operations at Maple Leaf Foods –

Make Smarter Decisions With Smart Spaces – Grupo JB/Jose Cuervo (tequila project) and Precision Drilling –

Power Business Model Innovation With Data: a CIO’s Perspective -  MyRepublic

Stay Ready for the Future With Better, Safer, More Agile Storage - Union Pacific Railroad –

Get High Performance and Scale Better With Edge Computing - Canadian National Railway

General session day 2 -
Customer Panel for Transformation Award – 0:40:00 – 0:58, Disney Park Announcement – 1:11:00 – 1:20:00, Ericsson – 1:30:00, Rainforest – 1:54:00, Optimise Prime (Uber) – 2:08, Simalaha project - 2:20:00 – 2:30:00 and then 3:11:00 HDTV interview