3 out of 3! 3 customers share their 3 essentials for success in a digital world

By Cara Chaffey posted 12-10-2019 13:47


Agility, efficiency, and scalability: three essentials for success in a digital world. Organizations across all sectors are turning to hyperconverged solutions to help unlock these benefits and simplify IT operations.  At Hitachi Next 2019, Fidelity Bank, Axis Securities, and ViON Systems shared their experiences using Hitachi Vantara hyperconverged solutions and the outcomes they achieved.

Full session here: https://www.hitachinext.com/en-us/next/video/simplify-operations-get-most-out-of-hci.html

Fidelity Bank: focusing on business goals, not IT systems

Nigeria’s Fidelity Bank is ambitious: it wants to become a primary player in the country by 2022. Technology and data will be essential to achieving this goal. As Oluwole Oni, a Programme Manager at the bank, explains: “We need to be agile and scalable, and to focus on our data.”

To put data at the heart of its growth strategy, the bank needed to resolve legacy storage issues – especially as data volumes and sources are increasing as a result of social media and other digital touchpoints. “We needed to bring our data together and structure it in a simplified manner so it could support decision-making,” says Oni. “And you can’t do that without a hyperconverged environment.”

Fidelity Bank went to the market to find the best solution. A demo of Hitachi Vantara’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) confirmed its notable mentions in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. “The Hitachi Vantara hyperconverged environment simplifies operations and automatically aggregates data with compute power that is very, very fast,” comments Oni.

 The solution helps the bank optimize its resources by automatically provisioning storage and compute power to different parties as needed. “We can now focus on business goals rather than worrying about infrastructure resources,” says Oni. “We’ve been able to connect with the FinTech businesses that are booming in Nigeria – which is something we could not have done before.”

Axis Securities: Bringing greater speed to trading transactions

Speed is everything in the financial trading sector. With IT core to the success of the business, the Indian arm of Axis Securities embarked on a digital transformation journey in 2015.

By working with Hitachi Vantara, Axis Securities was able to eliminate IT siloes and create a consolidated infrastructure that would be easier to manage. “Servers, storage, networking – everything was moved under one single umbrella,” explains Nikunj Panchal, Head of IT Operations at Axis Securities.

To support its consolidated approach and overcome networking performance issues, the company deployed a Hitachi Vantara hyperconverged environment featuring Intel Optane 3D8 cross-point technology.

Moving away from a three-tiered architecture to a single stack has not only simplified infrastructure operations and deployments but also enhanced scalability. “As long as you architect your solution correctly when you start your hyperconverged journey, you can scale as much as you want, both vertically and horizontally.”

Agility has proved to be the main benefit of a consolidated and simplified approach. “Our data is now in one location where it’s easier to manage. It’s also faster for the end customer to gain access, which has enhanced their experience,” says Panchal.

ViON: Increasing scalability for a digital age

In today’s digital world, the scalability of IT systems is essential to keep up with data growth and customer demand. Moving to a hyperconverged environment is a key step towards boosting scalability .

 “Collapsing a traditional three-tiered infrastructure down to one hyperconverged environment ensures a single point of management for storage, host, and compute power,” explains Jose Felipe, Regional Executive at technology provider ViON Systems. “This makes it easier to ramp up and scale out while improving resource utilization.”

Many of ViON’s customers have opted to take a hybrid approach where they protect their investment in traditional storage while also running an efficient hyperconverged solution. “Migrating to a hyperconverged environment is a journey,” explains Felipe. “For customers that don’t migrate all applications on day one, the Hitachi Vantara connectors mean they can continue to leverage their traditional storage. The connectors also give customers that make a clean break the flexibility to migrate and retrieve information in a timescale that suits them.”

Felipe believes education is a key component of the hyperconvergence journey – regardless of whether an organization takes a big bang or phased approach. “Organizations with a traditional three-tiered architecture design are moving away from their comfort zone,” he comments. “Hitachi Vantara supports us in educating customers.”

 ViON’s customers are already realizing financial and business benefits from migrating to the Hitachi Vantara hyperconverged infrastructure. “By simplifying operations, Hitachi Vantara hyperconverged solutions increase efficiency and speed to market.”

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